In My Father’s Hands Flip Chart & Lyrics

If you’re still on the hunt for the perfect Father’s Day song that’s new and different, look no further! Or, maybe you’ve already found this song and love it as much as I do. Either way, today I’m sharing this In My Father’s Hands flip chart, for the new Father’s Day song by Blake Gillette.

I adore this song for the Primary to sing on Father’s Day and can’t wait to share it with the kids in my Primary. It doesn’t seem like it will be too difficult to teach, but head over to see some of my In My Father’s Hands singing time ideas here!

In My Father's Hands Flip Chart

In My Father’s Hands Flip Chart

I’ve been sharing each of the different flip charts I’ve made on this blog. If you’re loving my style of LESS pages to flip (so much easier!!) and bold colors, photos, and fonts, head over to see my Flip Charts for Primary list with all the current flip charts I’ve made and have available to print!

In My Father's Hands Flip Chart

Plus, I have shared here how I use flip charts with some great tips and tricks and shortcuts that can really help make the most of using flip charts in Primary!

In My Father’s Hand Lyrics

This song was written by Blake Gillette. It will need approval before being taught in Primary. You can find the free In My Father’s Hands sheet music here.

Verse 1:
Firm and steady enough to hold me, so I can leap free.
I know he will catch me. I know I’m safe.
I feel great strength in my Father’s hands.

Verse 2:
Soft and humble, so if I stumble, or when I struggle,
He’ll help through my troubles.
I know I’m loved through a gentle touch in my Father’s hands.

Verse 3:
True and worthy with pow’r to bless me
And full of faith he will give me a blessing.
I feel God’s love, straight from above,
And I know He’s real as His will is revealed
In my Father’s hands.

In My Father's Hands Flip Chart & Lyrics Easy ideas for Music Leaders In My Fathers Hands Singing Time Ideas 1 700x1183 1

See all of our 6 Singing Time Ideas for In My Father’s Hands over here! There are lots of great ideas for both introducing and teaching this beautiful Father’s Day song in Primary.

Our Hand Pictures activity even got a big THUMBS UP from Blake Gillette saying it was exactly the pictures he had in mind as he wrote the song!

In My Father’s Hands Singing Time Flip Chart Printable

This colorful In My Father’s Hands flip chart has 2 pages per verse with pictures the represent the keywords and colored words to help call out the specific keywords throughout the song.

In My Father's Hands Flip Chart

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In My Father’s Hands
Primary Program Flip Chart Printable

The program version of this In My Father’s Hands flip chart is a basic black-and-white landscape copy with just the lyrics. It’s great for using as a lyrics book in the Primary room or form the Primary Program presentation.

In My Father's Hands Flip Chart

This flip chart is 4 pages long. I couldn’t quite get the 3rd verse on a single page, so the special chorus line is on it’s own final page.

In My Father’s Hands Slideshow Flip Chart

Now introducing a fun new option! If you have easy access to tech in your Primary room, you can take advantage of this slideshow In My Father’s Hands Flip Chart! In PDF or Google Slides to work with your needs.

If you have any issues with the PDF above, you can access our Google Slides version here.

Have any feedback about my In My Father’s Hands flipchart? Let me know in the comments!

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