Keep the Commandments – Foreign Languages

My Primary kids LOVE trying different languages. They’re all over the Hello Song and, quite honestly, do a much better job at translation that I even do! It’s really fun to hear their excitement over a different language so I thought we’d do some foreign language fun while learning Keep the Commandments primary song!

Keep the Commandments Foreign Language game

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Keep the Commandments
Foreign Languages

How to Play:

  • Sign Keep the Commandments normally until the kids are ready to try a challenge.
  • Introduce one alternate language at a time. I’ve included some options below, including Spanish, French, German, Japanese, and ASL, but you could of course use different languages, too.
  • Some might fit with the normal rhythm of the song, other phrases may be too long or difficult to add into the song. In most of the translations of the song I saw on, the song was changed quite a bit to fit the phrase. This is just a fun way to emphasis that the commandments and the instruction to keep the commandments are the same all over the world! For those that might fit in the song, you can certainly swap in the alternate languages and trying singing through the song!
  • It would be helpful to use an online translator (like Google!) to listen to the words a few times so you are at least a little comfortable with how to pronounce the different languages you might choose to include.  

Keep the Commandments Foreign Language game

Extension Activities:

  • Have confident singers come up to help lead one of the language phrases! Break the group into 2 sections with an “echo”. One side might sign Spanish while the other side sings in French. Then just sing the first line only (without piano if you need more time to fit the phrases) and have the second side of the room echo in their language. “Keep the commandments; keep the commandments!”
  • Let the kids pick their favorite language. Have them go around the room telling their Primary friends “Keep the Commandments” in their chosen language and listen to their partner repeat back in their choice of language!

Keep the Commandments Foreign Language game

Foreign Languages:

  • Spanish: guardar los mandamientos (gwahr-dahr / lohs / mahn-dah-myehn-toh)
  • French: garder les commandements (gaRde / le / kɔmɑ̃dmɑ̃)
  • German: die Gebote halten (di / ɡəˈbo:t / ‘haltn)
  • Japanese: Imashime o mamoru
  • Sign Language: (Obey Commandments)
    • Obey: Both hands in a flat “O” near your face. Raise and open the hands flat towards heaven.
    • Commandments: Left hand upright with fingers close together. Right hand forms the letter “C” and press the “C” against the flat hand twice on top and then below like the letters written on a book or stone tablet.

Keep the Commandments Foreign Language game

Sign Language for
Keep (Obey) the Commandments

Speaking the languages above can be tricky, but I can’t do a lot to help you there. But the ASL — that’s easier (at least for me). Here’s some simple sign videos I found on YouTube that are perfect!!

Keep the Commandments
Foreign Language Printables

I used my friend, Google, to help me translate “Keep the Commandments” into other languages. So these may not be the most perfect translations, but as far as I could tell them seem to represent the meaning pretty closely.

Keep the Commandments Foreign Language game

Included in this printable lesson plan is an overview sheet with the ideas and pronunciations so you can easily reference those while leading Singing Time. There are also 5 pages of translations each in a different bold color so they look fun and unique!

Click here —> to Print Keep the Commandments
Foreign Languages Lesson Plan

Any other languages you Primary would love to learn? How else would you incorporate these fun Keep the Commandment language phrases in your singing time?

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your flip charts. I loved them all, & cant wait for the rest to come out. Do you possibly have one for “Ill Walk With You”?

    • Oh yay!! I’m glad the flip charts have been helpful! I just made one for you, and will work on the post today! 🙂


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