Keep the Commandments – Color the Commandments

If you’re looking for something fun and meaningful to do with your Junior Primary while you try one of the challenging activities (like this First Letters game) in Senior, look no further! I’ll be teaching Keep the Commandments one week with a fun “Color the Commandments” singing time activity!

Keep the Commandments Coloring Pages

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Keep the Commandments
Color the Commandments

How to Play:

  •  Print one coloring page per child. You can choose your favorite from the option below or print all of them and let the children pick their favorite.
  • Sing Keep the Commandments together as a Primary. Ask the children discussion questions, such as:
    • What are the commandments?
    • What prophet helped us to receive the 10 Commandments?
    • Do we receive any other commandments or instructions in our day?
    • Where are some places that we can learn about what Heavenly Father wants us to do in our life?
Keep the Commandments Coloring Pages

  • Sing Keep the Commandments again together as a Primary. Then, have the children come up by class to pick a coloring page and grab a box of crayons. Or, if using the same 1-2 pictures for the whole Primary, you can have helpers come pass them out.
  • Sing Keep the Commandments while the classes come up quietly and quickly to pick their pictures.
  • Let the kids color their picture in Primary or let them take it home with them to color after church.

Keep the Commandments Coloring Pages

Extension Activities:

  • Have the children come up in groups by those that have picked the same picture. For example, all the children who picked the picture of the Sermon on the Mount would come up front together. Ask the children what the picture means to them. How is it an example of learning about the commandments?
  • Challenge the children to share their picture and the Keep the Commandments song with their family.  

Keep the Commandments
Coloring Singing Time Idea

You can print out this Keep the Commandments Color the Commandments coloring page lesson plan. Then, file it away until you’re ready to use it or refer to this lesson for years to come!

Keep the Commandments Coloring Pages

I’ve created two versions – one with full page coloring sheets and 6 different pictures to choose from. This option is best if you have a small Primary or need to preserve paper/ink. Keep in mind, you can make a single copy and have the rest of the copies made for you in the church library. The larger size is also great if you want to display them around the Primary room or up on the whiteboard as part of your lesson.

Click here —> to Print Keep the Commandments
Coloring Pages (Full Sheet)

Keep the Commandments Coloring Pages

As another option, I’ve also made a smaller half-sheet Keep the Commandments Coloring pages available. It has the same 6 pictures available with 2 pictures per page. This is a good option if you have a large Primary or simply would like to use less paper/ink. You will need to cut the sheets down the middle before Primary.

Click here —> to Print Keep the Commandments
Coloring Pages (Half Sheet)

What other fun ways could you extend this activity or add meaningful discussion to Keeping the Commandments?

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