I Know My Father Lives – Echo Singing

For a fun way to get LOTS of repetition in, try this Echo Singing lesson plan for I Know My Father Lives! This Singing Time idea is perfect for getting ALL the kids involved with singing and the kids love to compete!

I Know My Father Lives is on our Old Testament Primary Songs 2022 song list, so we’re sharing lots of fun ways to teach this song to your Primary this year!

Use Echo Singing and these competition singing cards to learn and teach a song with lots of repetition! Plus, see how we're teaching I Know My Father Lives using Echo Singing!

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I Know My Father Lives
Echo Singing

In this Echo Singing game, you’ll divide your Primary into a variety of different “groups” and have them compete to see who can sing out the song the best!

How to Teach I Know My Father Lives with Echo Singing:

Start by singing through I Know My Father Lives once to introduce your activity.

Then, tell the kids that was pretty good, but you think they can do just a little better. Ask what they think about making it a competition?

Primary Singing Time Lesson Plan for I Know My Father Lives - 2022 Primary Songs for Old Testament!

You can then either ask a child for ideas on how to divide up the Primary room, and pick a different child each time, or use our Echo Singing Competition Cards to have a child randomly select one way to mix up the room into groups!

I’ve included 16 different ways to divide the groups, so you can pick your favorite 5-6 and just work through those, or include all that fit your Primary and leave it up to chance!

Have the children physically move, if your Primary room has the capacity for shuffling kids (and covid protocols allow). Your fidget kids will really appreciate it!

Just have them shuffle about to whichever side of the room they will need to sing for during the next round. Remind the children if they get too loud or rowdy when moving, we’ll have to go back to sitting instead.

Sing through the song either both or just one verse as many times as you’d like or to fill the set time you’ve planned for this activity.

Primary Singing Time Competition Ways to Sing Cards printable file

Here are the included Competition Singing Styles:

  • Boys vs Girls
  • Class vs Class – leave additional classes out or do them next
  • Junior vs Senior – if combined, let the JR and SR Primary compete
  • Even Age vs Odd Age – 5/7/9/11 vs 4/6/8/10 based on their AGE not their class! 🙂
  • Light hair vs Dark hair – blond and redheads vs Brunette and black hair.
  • Left vs Right – divide the room in half where they are currently (or originally) sitting
  • Front Row vs Back Row
  • Kids vs Adults – this is always a favorite!
  • Brown Eyes vs Blue Eyes – Green eyes can be the lucky ones out or have them join in with blue eyes
  • Purple + Blue vs Green + Red – Kids group with their favorite color of the four choices.
  • Math vs English – Pick which subject they prefer for their group
  • Halloween vs Christmas – Which holiday do they like best?
  • Spring vs Fall – Pick a favorite season
  • Summer vs Winter
  • Dogs vs Cats
  • Count off – 1 vs 2 vs 3 vs 4 – Start at the first kid and have them say their number counting in order from 1, 2, 3, 4 and then starting back over at 1. This will create 4 roughly even groups. You can also split into 2 or 3 groups if you have a smaller Primary. Have group 1 and 2 echo sing the 1st verse and groups 3 and 4 echo sing the 2nd verse.

Echo Singing Parts for I Know My Father Lives:

Group 1 Sings:Group 2 Sings:
I know my Father livesand loves me too
The Spirit whispersthis to me and
Tells me it is trueand tells me it is true
Verse 2:Verse 2:
He sent me here to earthby faith to live his plan
The Spirit whispersthis to me and
Tells me that I canand tells me that I can

Other Ways to Judge Echo Singing:

You don’t always have to look for the “best” singing group. You can use a variety of criteria to mix it up even more and have fun with a variety of goals. We love to try to “Sing to the Bishop in the Chapel!” as our Sunday School meets in the chapel during the 2nd hour.

  • Which group was the loudest?
  • Which group had the MOST participants singing?
  • Which group knows the most words?
  • Which group was the most supportive of their team?

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I Know My Father Lives
Echo Singing Lesson Plan

This lesson plan printable for I Know My Father Lives – Echo Singing includes a 1-page overview of how to use this lesson plus 2 pages of competition singing time cards!

I Know My Father Lives Singing Time Ideas - Echo Singing with Printable Competition Cards

Just print out the cards on cardstock, if possible, and then cut them out! Cardstock is one of my Primary Music Leader essential supplies – and you can expenses it!

I also highly recommend laminating these cards, as they’re perfect to use over and over again in a pinch when you want to repeat the song a few more times and need just the motivation to make it happen! These will be a lifesaver. I’ve used these inexpensive laminating pouches and the pack lasts FOREVER and they have worked great for me!

I Know My Father Lives printable Singing Time lesson plan

Click Here —> to Download I Know
My Father Lives Echo Singing Lesson Plan

What other fun ways could you divide your Primary room?

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