My Favorite Primary Sub Activity – Memory

You know that “mom-guilt” you feel when you leave your child at home for a couple hours? I think I get that feeling about my primary kiddos. Once in awhile, I am unable to make it to primary for various reasons. On these Sundays, I always worry about putting too much on my substitute.

If you are like me and want to keep singing time simple for your sub, I have the perfect Primary Song Review Game activity for you! Today, I’m going to share with you My Favorite Primary Sub Activity: Memory!

Primary Review Activity: Memory

I loved playing memory games as a kid! I enjoyed the puzzle of trying to remember where each tile was placed and matching the pictures. Children are great at activities like this because they are learning to problem-solve and remember similar objects.

This Memory Primary Review Activity is very simple and easy to assemble. Start by choosing 5-6 songs to review. I like to do a mix of some fun wiggle songs, as well as some songs we are currently working on. Some of my favorites to include are:

  • Popcorn Popping
  • If You’re Happy
  • I Love to See the Temple
  • I am a Child of God
  • I’m Trying to Be Like Jesus

Once you’ve selected the songs you want to use, choose simple pictures that represent each song. Remember you’ll want to have 2 of each picture to have the match! I’ve included a printable lesson plan below that includes some pictures I like to use.

Next, I add some color. Since the pictures might be different sizes, I like to put them on a half-sheet of colored paper. I tape each picture in the center of the paper, and then my memory cards are ready to go!

I typically change up my memory cards depending on what songs we are learning. Once you have a few basic cards, it’s easy to add more as you learn more songs!

I haven’t laminated my memory cards yet, but if you want this activity to last a long time, it’s worth the time to laminate these cards! You can purchase laminating sheets on amazon for pretty cheap if you have a laminating machine.

During primary, introduce the activity by placing each card on the whiteboard, with the pictures facing away from the children. Explain that you will be playing memory! Tell the children that each card is primary song you have learned. Have children take turns matching cards. When a match is made, sing the song!

Activity Instructions:

  1. Choose 4-5 songs that you’d like to review. I like to have a mix of fun wiggle songs and review songs.
  2. Print out two copies of pictures that represent each song. Tape the pictures to a half-sheet of colored 8×11 paper.
  3. Use magnets to put the pictures on the board, pictures facing away from the kiddos. Make sure they are mixed up!
  4. Invite children to turn over 2 cards. If the cards do not match, turn the cards back over.
  5. If the cards match, have the children try to guess what song the picture goes to. Sing the song together!
  6. Continue until all cards have been matched!

*Tips for Junior Primary*

When I do this activity with my primary kiddos, it usually takes Junior primary longer to choose all the matches. I typically do 1-2 less matches for Junior primary than Senior to help them finish the activity before singing time is over.

Are you seeing how simple this activity is? That’s why I love to save it for those occasional weeks that I’m out of town. Don’t be afraid of doing it twice! My primary kiddos were so excited when I brought it back a few months later.

Extension Ideas:

  • Turn it into a competition! Split the room into two groups and see which group can make more matches!
  • Give each class a set of matching cards to match as a team.
  • Have a teacher competition! Create 2 sets of memory cards and see which teacher can match all the cards first!

My Favorite Sub Activity: Memory Printable Lesson Plan & Starter Cards

To make this activity even easier for you, I’ve created this Printable Lesson Plan & Starter Cards that include instructions for this activity, as well some starter cards for you to use.

The pictures for this activity include some of my favorite wiggle songs and primary songs. Adapt this lesson plan to fit any song you are currently reviewing.

Memory Printable Lesson Plan & Starter Cards

If you enjoyed this review activity, try our another fun review activity here!

What songs will you be using for your memory activity?

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