Love One Another Flip Chart

I’ll be using this Love One Another flip chart as one of my wiggle songs for my February Singing Time plan! It’s such a simple but important song and a great one to use if you’re planning to teach any Valentine’s Day Primary Songs!

When I don’t plan to fully teach the song, but just introduce it or sing it once a week for a month, I always rely on flip charts to help the teachers, kids, and visitors to sing along. They’re also great to use for the first time or two you’re introducing the song in Primary.

Another good way to use flip charts is to build them into your singing time lessons! This post will help with 10 easy ways to use Flip Charts in Singing Time lessons.

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Love One Another Flip Chart

I always prefer my flip charts to be condensed into as few of pages as possible so I can spend less time flipping, just like I have done with this Love One Another flipchart!

Grab this free printable Love One Another Flip Chart in 3 formats! Plus, lyrics to help LDS Primary Music leaders with their Singing Time ideas and planning.

This also makes it easier for the kiddos in Primary to help me by holding the flip chart, which they love to do! Or, it can be easily clipped up on the whiteboard when it’s just a single page so you don’t even need to hold it.

You can see how I use flip charts in this helpful post to get more ideas and helps for making the most of your flip charts!

Plus, head over to see my entire Flip Chart list to find even more flip charts with a similar style!

Love One Another different styles flip charts

Love One Another Lyrics

This song is published in the Children’s Songbook Page #136
You can find the Love One Another sheet music here.


As I have loved you,
Love one another.
This new commandment:
Love one another.
By this shall men know
Ye are my disciples,
If ye have love
One to another.

“Love One Another” by Luacine Clark Fox © 1961, 1989 Intellectual Reserve, Inc. Used by Permission.

I like to print out my sheet music, so it’s easy to have handy while teaching the song, without having to bring the whole songbook!

Love One Another Sing Along Video

Join us in learning and teaching this song with this beautiful Love One Another Sing Along video. It’s a great way to introduce the song to your Primary for the first time or to send to families to help them review this song before the Primary program. While you’re there, subscribe to the channel to see all of our latest videos!

Love One Another Singing Time Ideas

To go right along with this helpful Love One Another Flipchart (printable below) you’ll also love all of these awesome (and ready for you!) Love One Another Singing Time Ideas! There’s something to match a variety of learning styles to make learning this song so fun.

Love One Another Art Flip Chart

3 different Love One Another flip chart singing time ideas for Primary music leaders

Looking for a beautiful Love One Another Flip Chart option? I worked with an amazing artist to create an expansive collection of flip charts both portrait and landscape in color and black and white with a variety of formatting sizing to fit your preferences.

You can pickup this Love One Another Flip Chart in my shop. You can alternatively find it in my Etsy shop here.

Love One Another flip chart and visual aids singing time helps for Primary Music leaders

Love One Another Singing Time Flip Chart Printable

This single page flip chart uses two main colors to point out the keywords. With red throughout highlighting love/loved and blue to highlight one another.

Love One Another Flip Chart

There will be no flipping required with this compact 1-page flip chart for Love One Another! I love flip charts that are that simple so they don’t distract from teaching and leading and my focus on the children in Primary.

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Love One Another Color-in Flip Chart

Why not try this option for a landscape flip chart that’s easy on the printer. It’s just a single page printable with a picture you can color in to add some color!

Love One Another Lyrics Flip Chart Printable

Here’s a black-and-white simple Love One Another flip chart for those that might need a copy for their lyrics book!

It’s also a great option for use during the Primary Program or can help teachers and visitors follow along with the words while the kids focus on you!

Love One Another Slideshow Flip Chart

Here’s a brand new option for you, as well, for those that have easy access to tech in the Primary room! You can use this Love One Another Flip Chart as a slideshow and cast it to the TV or with a projector easily.

Head over next to see ALL of our Love One Another Singing Time ideas!

Teach your Primary children Love One Another with these 21 fun and engaging Singing Time Ideas! Easy printable lesson plans for LDS Music Leaders! #Primary #MusicLeader #LDS #SingingTime #PrimaryChorister

Have any feedback about my Love One Another flip chart? Let me know in the comments!

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