Love is Spoken Here Simple Actions

I’m teaching Love is Spoken Here (1st and small ending 3rd verse) as our Mother’s Day song this year. I tend to do something more elaborate for Mother’s Day and something more simple for Father’s Day, so I’m switching that up this year!

I’ll be teaching this song the first week I introduce it using this Simple Actions lesson plan. I did use pictures, just to add some visual for the kids, but you can skip the pictures completely for a no-prep activity.

How to teach Love is Spoken Here Simple Actions singing time ideas for Primary

Love is Spoken Here Simple Actions

These are the actions I chose to use for the 1st and 3rd verse. You can adjust these to fit your own preferences and still do the same idea!

*Downloads are available at the bottom of the post following the lesson plan directions included within this post.*

How to Use Simple Actions:

  • Introduce one phrase/line at a time with a corresponding action.
  • Demonstrate and say the words for the first 4 actions, then sing through that far. Repeat until you’ve made it through the whole song!
  • You can also have the kids help you come up with actions!
Easy singing time ideas for Love is Spoken Here with simple actions to add movement for Primary music leaders

Simple Actions for Love is Spoken Here:

  • Kneel – “I see my mother kneeling”
  • Arms around the shoulders of those next to you (like you’re forming a huddle) – “with our family each day”
  • Dramatic whisper / hands cupped around mouth – “I hear the words she whispers”
  • Hands flat together and head bowed – “as she bows her head to pray
  • Pleading face and hands – “her plea to the father”
  • Wipe hand across forehead like you’re relieved – “quiets all my fears”
  • ASL for Thankful. Left hand flat with palm up in front of you. Right hand touching your chin, then lower to your left hand. – “and I am thankful”
  • Form a heart with your two hands together – “love is spoken here”
  • Hug yourself with a big squeeze – “I can often feel the Savior near”
  • Blow a kiss (at the very end) – “when love is spoken here.”

Example Images for Love is Spoken Here

If you decide you’d like to add images, I’ll share here a quick picture summary of the ones I used.

Love is Spoken Here image for Primary singing time helps for music leaders
Singing time actions for Love is Spoken here ideas and printable for Primary music leader
Primary Music Leader actions for singing time Love is Spoken Here printable lesson helps

I grabbed my images off of Google, so I do not have the copyright release to freely share the images I chose to use. You can find your own or similar images or skip using pictures all together. They are NOT necessary.

These all said “copyright free” so I felt fine using them in my Primary, but don’t want to be extra careful in only sharing files I am confident in being able to freely share with you guys!

Example of the Simple Actions

I’ve made a quick video here to show you the simple actions for the first verse. If for any reason you can’t get this video to load, you can also find it on my YouTube playlist for Primary Singing Time ideas!

Love is Spoken Here Simple Actions Printable Lesson Plan

If you add images, you can extend the activity by having the kids pick some of the images to pull down from the whiteboard and repeat! I’d recommend removing 2 pictures at a time.

As an alternative, for those that want to keep it extra simple, you could instead have them do the action only, and skip the words, for one phrase at a time. Like singing B-I-N-G-O! This will have the kids singing silently in their heads to be able to pickup where you left off and is great for rote memory!

Either way, I’ve added an easy to print version of the simple actions and how to play so you can take that with you, if you find it helpful!

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For a really fun and engaging activity, try this Love is Spoken Here Egg Carton singing time idea. Play it like a xylophone with all the notes or the keywords with notes.

Love is Spoken Here Egg Carton music instruments

Did you change up any of these simple actions? Share your ideas in the comments!

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