Primary Song Mumbles Mad Gab Game

Do you need a super simple activity that will let you get through LOTS of songs to sing through while having a really fun way to pick which song is next? If so – this is it! You’ll love this Primary Song Mumbles / Mad Gab game.

In this activity, a helper will read the silly phrase while the Primary tries to name the song hidden in the mismatched words. Read it a few times – especially quickly – and you’ll start to hear the hidden song title!

Primary Song Mumbles Mad Gab - Tons of fun silly phrases to say to help the kids decode the song to sing next! A great way to review a mix of songs or introduce new songs for the year. Printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders.

How to Play Mad Gab in Primary

How to Play:

Invite a child to come up front and help you read a silly phrase. You will want to look for good readers that can speak loudly and won’t struggle to read words. In Junior Primary, you can choose to read the cards or invite a teacher to help.

Let your helper read out the Song Mumbles card for the song you’d like to sing. They will read through the card a couple of times, speaking faster each time to make it easier to understand.

Primary Song Mumbles Mad Gab - Tons of fun silly phrases to say to help the kids decode the song to sing next! A great way to review a mix of songs or introduce new songs for the year. Printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders.

When the Primary children know the song title, they can raise their hand to guess!

When the correct song title is named, sing through the song together.

Now, pick a new helper and a new Song Mumble card to try!

Primary Song Mumbles Mad Gab - Tons of fun silly phrases to say to help the kids decode the song to sing next! A great way to review a mix of songs or introduce new songs for the year. Printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders.

More Helps & Ideas:

  • Put the Song Mumble cards in a bowl and select your song randomly.
  • Include pictures or a list for each of your songs to help the children crack the titles.

Primary Song Mumbles Master List
Children’s Songbook & Hymn Book

This master list includes 168 different Primary songs including songs from the Children’s Songbook, Hymn book, plus additional favorite Primary songs (under the next section below). This list is in alphabetical order by song title.

Song TitleSong Mumble Title
A Child’s PrayerHutch eye hulled spray her
A Happy FamilyAh hape pee fame ill Lee
Angels We Have Heard on HighAim jail sweet half her dawn eye
As I Search the Holy ScripturesA skies sure cha hole Lee script sirs
Away in a MangerA weigh-in hay may injure
BaptismBaa ‘tis hum
Behold the Great Redeemer DieBee hold da gray tree deem are dye
Book of Mormon StoriesBoo cough more man’s door ease
Called to ServeCold deuce swerve
Children All Over the WorldJill ran, Oliver twirled
Choose the RightChews their height
Choose the Right WayChews their height away
Christmas BellsChris muss bails
Come, Follow MeComb fall home he
Daddy’s HomecomingDad dees hoe comb ink
Dare to Do RightDear tudor write
Did Jesus Really Live Again?Dead cheeses reel Eli vegan
Did You Think to Pray?Deed ewe thing two prey 
Do As I’m DoingDue was sigh him due ink
Easter HosannaHe stir hose an uh
FaithFay this no ink…
Families Can Be Together ForeverFame hilly scan be toga therefore ever
Family History—I Am Doing ItFan milly his store he, eye yam due in get
Follow the ProphetFall oath up raw fit
“Give,” Said the Little StreamGifts Ed tally dells dream
Hark! The Herald Angels SingHeart duh hair old day gels sink
Have I Done Any Good?Hawaii duh ninny could
He Sent His SonEase hen tis hun
Head, Shoulders, Knees, and ToesHey duh show older sneeze sand tows
Help Me, Dear FatherHe’ll pa meed ear farther
Here We Are TogetherHear wheat tar toe get her
HingesEye mall may dove inches
HosannaHose Anna
How Firm a FoundationOw fir muffin day shun
I Am a Child of GodEye ham itch aisle tough cod
I Am like a StarEye ham lie cars tar
I Believe in ChristEye bee leaf inn cries
I Feel My Savior’s LoveI’ve heel um I safe your slough
I Heard the Bells on Christmas DayEye herd thud elf song crisp messed hay
I Hope They Call Me on a MissionEye hoe path ache calm eon um it shun
I Know My Father LivesEye gnome high of author leaves
I Know My Redeemer LivesEye gnome hat eye read dimmer leaves
I Lived in HeavenAisle heaved din have fun
I Love to See the TempleOlive twosie that hem pull
I Pray in FaithHype ray in of eighth
I Often Go WalkingEye off ten goal wok king
I Stand All AmazedHi stan doll a maze duh
I Thank Thee, Dear FatherEye tank tea deer farther
I Want to Be a Missionary NowEye won’t tube bee amiss shun airy
I Want to Live the GospelI one tool if the go spell
I Will Be ValiantEye wheel bee valley ant
I Will Follow God’s PlanHigh wheel fall oak odds blan
I’m Trying to Be like JesusEye um dry ink do bee Ike cheeses
I’ll Walk with YouEye eel wall quick few
In the Leafy TreetopsEnd dull if eat read whops
It Came Upon a Midnight ClearHit cane a pawn thumb hid Mike leer
It’s AutumntimeIt saw dumb dime
Jesus Has RisenCheese us as wrist sin
Jesus Once Was a Little ChildCheese us wands what slid ouch eye old
Jesus Said Love EveryoneGees us Ed loaf eve ray won
Jesus Wants Me for a SunbeamGeeze us wands before as hun bean
Joseph Smith’s First PrayerChose us mist fur sprayer
Joy to the WorldJoint tooth a whirled
Keep the CommandmentsKey paw the come man mints
Kindness Begins with MeKite nest big ends width meet
Latter-day ProphetsLaddered ape raw fits
Let Us All Press OnLettuce y’all rest yawn
Little JesusLid doll gee shush
Love at HomeLoaf yat hoe ma
Love Is Spoken HereLaw fees poe kin ear
Love One AnotherLoaf won an oath air
Mary’s LullabyMare easel alibi
Mother DearMoth herd ear
Mother, I Love YouMoth her I’ll owe view
Mother, Tell Me the StoryMoth hurt elm heath us tore he
My DadMight ad
My Heavenly Father Loves MeMy oven Lee fatter laughs may
My Redeemer LivesMire deam ear leaves
Nephi’s CourageKnee pies kerr age
Oh, Come, All Ye FaithfulOak hum haul leaf eigth full
Oh Little Town of BethlehemHo lit tall down dove bed luck hem
Oh, What Do You Do in the Summertime?Owe hut due voodoo inn duh some her dime
On a Golden SpringtimeAwn ugh hold hens purring tie hum
Once There Was a SnowmanOne’s hair was as no man
Once within a Lowly StableWon swift thin hello least able
Picture a ChristmasPick her hay criss mass
Pioneer Children Sang as They WalkedPie in ear chiller hen sane gas hey wok
Popcorn PoppingPauper coring pa pink
Praise to the ManPray zeto dem and
Quickly I’ll ObeyCaw wick Lee isle owe bay
Redeemer of IsraelRead ear mirror oh fizz rye el
RepentanceReap in dance
Reverence Is LoveRev ore ant sis loaf
Reverently, QuietlyRevere aunt Lee choir Lee
Samuel Tells of the Baby JesusSame well toll soft a bay bee gees us
Search, Ponder, and PraySir chip on door end purr ray
Seek the Lord EarlySee eek da lore dear Lee 
Silent NightSigh lent knight
Sleep, Little JesusSleep lid doll cheese hush
SmilesSum miles
Stand for the RightStan four dar Ite
Stars Were GleamingStares war glee mean
Teach Me to Walk in the LightTee shmee two wall kin da lie hut
Tell Me, Dear LordTale mead ear lore duh
Tell Me the Stories of JesusTail meet us tore Reese off cheese us
TestimonyTest tee moan knee
The Articles of FaithThe art tickles of eighth
The Books in the Book of MormonTaboo sin da boo cove more man
The Books in the New TestamentTaboo sin anew dust a mint
The Books in the Old TestamentDa boo kiss inn day hold test a mint
The Chapel DoorsThey chap elders
The Church of Jesus ChristThe chirp of cheeses cries
The First NoelThe fir snow well
The Golden PlatesDay goal den plights
The Holy GhostDay whole egg host
The Iron RodDuh eye urn raw da
The Lord Gave Me a TempleThee lowered cave me at hem pool
The Nativity SongThud nave it tees gong
The Priesthood Is RestoredDuh prey stood his rest stored
The Shepherd’s CarolThud share pearls care ‘ole
The Spirit of GodThese peir it oh got
The Still Small VoiceDistills mall voyage
The Wise Man and the Foolish ManThough ice man Andy fool leash manna
This Is My Beloved Son‘Tis sis maybe loaf vet sun
To Be a PioneerTubby ape eye oh near
We Are All EnlistedWheat a yard in list ted
We Bow Our HeadsWeb bow are Ed’s
We Thank Thee, O God, for a ProphetWhee tank tee oh cod four ape raw fit
We’ll Bring the World His TruthWheel bee ring the whirled hissed Ruth
When I Am BaptizedWin eye yam bad tie sud
When He Comes AgainWinnie combs egg in
When Joseph Went to BethlehemWin Joe Seth wind tube Ethel him
When We’re HelpingWinner hail pink
Where Love IsWear loathe is

Additional Primary & Christmas Songs

Song TitleSong Mumble Title
Abish TestifiedA bishop test a fined
Always RememberAll ways ream ember
As a Child of GodAsk itch I’ll tough got
Beautiful SaviorBee you truffle save year
BecauseBee cuz
Behold Your Little OnesBee hold you roll tell once
Born to Be a KingBow earn Toby aching
Born to Bring Us JoyBore knee tube ring hush toy
Build an ArkBuy eel day anarch
Choose Him AgainChew seam a gain
Choose to Serve the LordChews two sir vet hoard
Could I Hold the BabyCold eye hole duh bay bee
GethsemaneGet some honey
He Prepares a WayHeap repairs away
I Know That My Savior Loves MeHigh nose cats my safe your loaf shmee
I Will Be What I BelieveHigh wheel bee hut eye bee leaf
I Will Walk with JesusHi wheel wall quit he sus
I’d Sing You a SongEye duh see gun ewe as gong
If I Listen with My HeartA vial lesson weave my art
If I Were a ShepherdIffy where as sheep bird
If the Savior Stood Beside MeFifth a sever stored bedside knee
Liken the ScripturesLike ant he’s rip churns
Little Lord JesusLee toll law duh cheese sus
My Own Sacred GroveHones sake red rove
Peace in ChristPiece end rice stah
Prince of PeacePrint shove pea shhh
Sariah’s FaithSaw rye ah’s fey the
Scripture PowerScript sure pow her
Small and Simple FaithSum mall end sim pull fey the
The Family is of GodThief Emily eyes oaf cot
The Tree of LifeDutch reef lie fa
The World’s Smallest ShepherdThaw whilred is small east she purred
Their Mothers KnewThere moth hers new
When We Seek HimWent whee seek Kim
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Song Mumbles Printable Song Helps

This free in-post printable includes a printable master list of the Song Mumbles in alphabetical order!

Primary Song Mumbles Mad Gab - Tons of fun silly phrases to say to help the kids decode the song to sing next! A great way to review a mix of songs or introduce new songs for the year. Printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders.
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What other fun ways will you use these Song Mumbles in your singing time lesson plans?

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