St Patrick’s Day What Comes Next Game

Use this cute idea of a St Patrick’s Day What Comes Next Sequence Game in Primary! The sequences follow the first few notes to help the music take on a new meaning. It’s also a wonderful way to learn about patterns and rhythms in music.

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St Patrick's Day What Comes Next Sequence Game

St Patrick’s Day What Comes Next Game

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How to Play:

Print out the sequence game pieces. You’ll need just one of each symbol (half the first sheet) per game. Since there was space I filled the page so you can print once and cut the sheet in half for Junior and Senior Primary.

Cut out all the individual game pieces in the squares and spread them around the white board. Choose which style of game you want to play. I have 3 versions of the game cards.

St Patrick's Day What Comes Next Sequence Game

Song Sequence: The first names the specific song and shows the pattern. These patterns align with the first few notes of the particular song. Print pages 2-4.

Guess the Song: The second game style is a Guess the Song challenge. It still has the sequence pattern to complete, but then you’ll have the children try to guess the song! You can have the pianist play the first few notes as a hint.

The symbols also somewhat relate to the song such as rainbows for When I Am Baptized or shoes for I Often Go Walking. You can list out the songs for them to pick from as well.

St Patrick's Day What Comes Next Sequence Game

This would be a great option to up the challenge for Senior Primary. You can also choose this option if you want to pick your own songs! You can flip through the songbook and pick any songs that match the note sequences for a ton of flexibility! Print pages 2,5,6.

Name the Pattern: The final way is adapted to work for classrooms or if you want to simply repeat the same song for the whole time you’re using this activity. Just find the missing symbol for the pattern, name the pattern, then sing through your song of choice!

A fun alternative is to add an instrument such as egg shakers or rhythm sticks and mimic the pattern while singing the song!

St Patrick's Day What Comes Next Sequence Game

Extension Activities:

  • As an alternative, you can give each child a printed out individual copy and set of game pieces. You can either give them both sheets or give half the room page one and the other half of the room the second page.
    • If using only half the pages, have the children who have the matching sequence sing. Then switch and half the other half the room sing the song. Then everyone sings together! This will build in lots of repetition in a purposeful way!
  • Make music with the pattern sequences. You can use instruments such as egg shakers or rhythm sticks to follow the rhythm. Or, use a variety of motions such as clap, pat, snap, stomp, etc, to get a feel for the sequence.
  • Use the symbol pieces page and have the children help you come up with new sequences and patterns!

St Patrick’s Day What Comes Next Printable Sequences Game

This printable includes 2 pages with Primary song patterns already mapped out for you and ready to use to sing a variety of themed songs in Singing Time in a fun way!

St Patrick's Day What Comes Next Sequence Game
St Patrick's Day What Comes Next Game Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders INSTANT Primary Singing Extended Printables

Those with an INSTANT Primary Singing Membership in March Old Testament will also find extended printables including a 1-page overview of how to play with directions with fun extension activities listed to make the most out of filling the time you allot for this activity. Then, I’ve included blank patterns that can be used with different songs! Just map out the patterns of your song choices or use a single song and just match the patterns for fun!

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What other fun ways could you use this cute St Patrick’s Day What Comes Next sequence game in Primary?

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