Tell Me the Stories of Jesus Sermon Video

What better way to teach the Primary song Tell Me the Stories of Jesus then with a Bible video sharing some of his very teachings! One of the ways I’ll be teaching this song is by showing a Bible Video clip that corresponds with the weekly Come, Follow Me home study curriculum.

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Tell Me the Stories of Jesus Sermon video singing time ideas for LDS Primary music leaders

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus Sermon Video

Since I plan to use this video lesson the first week in March, the corresponding lesson is on the Sermon on the Mount. You can use this video clip, or any video clip from the Bible Video series that speaks to the weekly topic or lesson you’d like to demonstrate.

We’ll start by singing together Tell Me the Stories of Jesus.

Then, I’ll tell the children I brought in a special video for them. I want them to watch and see if they might have learned any of the stories Jesus talks about in the video this past week at home or in class.

I’ll play this video, but plan to stop it at 2:28 after the baptism scene. I don’t want the video to take up too much of my time and there is plenty covered in the first 2-and-a-half minutes and that’s a great transition spot since we’ve talked a lot about Christ’s baptism the previous month with our focus on the Baptism song.

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Tell Me the Stories of Jesus
Sermon on the Mount Bible Video

After watching the video clip together, I’ll ask the children to tell me some of Jesus’ stories that they heard. What other stories can they think of? I’ll take an answer from one of the children, then we’ll sing the song together again. Then, I’ll look for other stories the children want to quickly share.

This will be a meaningful way to draw the connection to what the song is saying — literally a child asking to be told the stories from Jesus’ life — with the home study this year of Come, Follow Me and their participating in church and Primary!

There are tons of Bible Videos on that you could choose from to use for this simple lesson plan! You can find all of those here:

Get moving and grooving with this fun Tell Me the Stories of Jesus Rhythm Sticks living music singing time idea!

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus - Rhythm Sticks lesson plan and activity for LDS Primary Music Leaders -- Singing Time Ideas!! Great movement and living music idea. #lds #primary #singingtime

What video clip would you choose to use while teaching Tell Me the Stories of Jesus?

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