Tell Me the Stories of Jesus – Team Band

Today, I’m sharing a fun activity that will work great for a review week for Tell Me the Stories of Jesus! This Singing Time lesson plan will have everyone involved and a fun music challenge as they work together as a team band.

Tell me the Stories of Jesus Team Band Singing Time Lesson Plan

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Tell me the Stories of Jesus
Team Band

Start by singing through Tell Me the Stories of Jesus before introducing the team band activity.

Then, divide the room into “bands” or small groups that can rotate instruments.

In Junior Primary, I plan to make 3 large groups based on kiddos sitting beside each other. My front row kiddos (Sunbeams and CTR 4) will only do the egg shakers. The other two groups will take turns and rotate the other two instruments!

In Senior Primary, I’m going to ask the kids to form groups of 3. Teachers can be added to a group, if needed, or smaller groups can work as needed.

Next, I will pass out the egg shakers only. I’ll let the children know I have three different instruments, and I’m only going to introduce one first. I’ll pass out the egg shakers (to the front row in Junior Primary and one per group in Senior Primary).

Rhythm Band Primary Song

We’ll sing through the song with just the egg shakers as part of our team band.

  • The egg shakers rhythm is a quick beat — shake every beat of the 6 count.
  • Tell / me / the / sto- / -ries / of…

Next, I’ll introduce rhythm sticks. I’ll pass these out to the next group of kiddos in the Primary room. I will be warning the kiddos to please pay attention, because they’ll get a turn with the rhythm sticks next!

  • Rhythm Sticks pattern is a medium speed, every third beat.
  • Tell me the / stories of / Je- / -sus / I

Now, I’ll switch and let those that didn’t have a turn try the rhythm sticks (in Senior the egg shakers can be rotated as well).

Finally, I’ll ask if they think they can handle one more instrument!! I’ll bring out the jingle bell bracelets and tell them they have to be really patient with the bells. We’ll only shake the bells once per measure.

  • Jingle Bells on a slow beat, just once per measure
  • Tell me the stories of / Jesus / I love to / hear
Stories of Jesus rhythm band

We’ll sing through the song again (or 2 more times in Senior) until everyone has had a turn with each instrument! We’ll see how well they can stay with their rhythm. To help keep the pattern going, I’ll ask for one helper group to come up front to help me lead!

See the Team Band Activity for
Tell Me the Stories of Jesus

If the video above is not loading for any reason, you can see this video uploaded on my YouTube channel instead.

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus
Team Band Lesson Plan

This 2-page lesson plan includes instructions to help you implement the Tell Me the Stories of Jesus team band activity. Also included is a reminder card you can post up on the whiteboard to help remind everyone of the different rhythm patterns. There’s a quick key to show quick for egg shakers, medium for rhythm sticks, and slow shake for the jingle bells.

Primary Song Tell Me the Stories of Jesus Singing Time lesson plan

Click here —> to Print Tell Me the Stories
of Jesus Team Band Lesson Plan

You can, of course, swap out any of these instruments with alternatives if you don’t have any of these particular instruments. Though, I highly recommend them! They’ve each topped my favorites list! Head over here to see some of our favorite Primary essentials, including swaps you could easily make like using paper plates in place of rhythm sticks.

What other instruments would you add (and with what rhythm?)

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