Tell Me the Stories of Jesus Listening Activity

I love how this song talks about the children’s eagerness just to listen. They have such an earnest desire to hear you talk, tell stories, sing, and teach. In this Tell Me the Stories of Jesus listening activity, you can demonstrate how what we listen to impacts us — and encourage more time spent listening to good sources like clean music, Primary songs, conference talks, and the scriptures!

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Tell Me the Stories of Jesus - Listening Lesson

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus Listening Activity

We’ll start by singing through Tell Me the Stories of Jesus. Then, I’ll ask the kids: What are the children in the song asking for?

Right, they are asking their parents to tell them about Jesus! Do you eagerly and excitedly ask your parents to read the scriptures to you or to teach you about Jesus? (Rhetorical question)

Let’s listen to some sound clips, and I want you to tell me what you hear!

You’ll just want to play :5-10 seconds of each clip, keep them nice and short.

After each clip, ask the children: What sound did you hear?

Finally, ask the children: What do you think listening to Jesus might have sounded and felt like?

Share a simple testimony that while we may not be able to sit at Jesus’ feet like the children did while he was on the earth, that we can have a personal relationship with Jesus.

We can come to know what his voice sounds like through the whisperings of the Holy Ghost. The best way to come to know Jesus is by learning of him through stories of Him, reading the scriptures, and saying prayers to get close to Him.

End with singing Tell Me the Stories of Jesus together.

Alternate Sound Clips: Look for short clips from stories of Jesus’ life and play just like :15 seconds of the video. See if the kids can guess what the story is!

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What other fun extension ideas could you add for teaching Tell Me the Stories of Jesus Listening activity?

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