Are you looking for the perfect songs to include in your Primary singing time lesson plans throughout the summer? I’ve sourced and complied a list with lots of great songs you can include in whatever activities you’re already planning for your Summer Singing Time lesson plans!

There are specific lists below with summer-themed songs, 4th of July and Patriotic songs, and then finally songs especially for Pioneer day! Plus, don’t miss some beloved songs by LDS composers at the very end you could also consider including!

You’ll want to mark on your calendar the 4th of July and Pioneer Day (July 24th) so you can plan a fun themed activity for the week before and/or after these summer holidays!

More than 70 fun song picks for Summer, 4th of July, and Pioneer Day LDS Primary Songs and Hymns to use in any of your singing time lesson plans!

LDS Summer Themed Primary Songs

My 5 Favorite Summertime Songs:

  1. My Heavenly Father Loves Me #228
  2. Oh, What Do You Do in the Summertime? #245
  3. Scatter Sunshine – Hymn #230
  4. Fun to Do #253
  5. In the Leafy Treetops #240

Summertime Songs:

Summertime Hymns:

  • Our Mountain Home So Dear #33
  • The Day Dawn is Breaking #52
  • Improve the Shining Moments #226
  • There is Sunshine in my Soul Today #227
  • You Can Make the Pathway Bright #228
  • Today, While the Sun Shines #229
  • Scatter Sunshine #230

Fun Summertime Primary Songs:

  • Little Seeds Lie Fast Asleep #243
  • Lift Up Your Voice and Sing #252
  • Fun to Do #253 (with Summer actions)
  • Happy Song #264
  • If You’re Happy #266
  • Smiles #267a
  • A Smile is Like the Sunshine #267b

LDS 4th of July & Patriotic Songs

My 5 Favorite Patriotic Songs:

  • The Star-Spangled Banner – Hymn #340
  • My Flag, My Flag #225
  • My Country, ‘Tis of Thee – Hymn #339
  • America the Beautiful – Hymn #338
  • Dare to Do Right #158

Patriotic Primary Songs:

  • Book of Mormon Stories #118 (vs 2 – Freedom)
  • The 12th Article of Faith #131
  • Dare to Do Right #158
  • Stand for the Right #159
  • My Country #224
  • My Flag, My Flag #225
  • Our Primary Colors #258

Patriotic Songs in the Hymn Book:

  • Battle Hymn of the Republic #60
  • Know This, That Every Soul is Free #240
  • America the Beautiful #338
  • My Country, ‘Tis of Thee #339
  • The Star-Spangled Banner #340
  • God Save the King #341
  • Have I Done Any Good in the World Today

4th of July Festive Songs:

  • My Hands #273 (wave your fingers up high like stars)
  • Hinges #277 (“or else I would crack!” jump like a firecracker)
  • Stand Up #278
  • Oh, How We Love to Stand #279 (“Wave to the left” like a flag)
More than 70 fun song picks for Summer, 4th of July, and Pioneer Day LDS Primary Songs and Hymns to use in any of your singing time lesson plans!

LDS Pioneer Day Songs

My 5 Favorite Pioneer Songs:

  1. Little Pioneer Children #216
  2. Come, Come Ye Saints – Hymn #30
  3. Whenever I Think about Pioneers #222
  4. Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel – Hymn #252
  5. Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked #214

Pioneer Songs:

  • I Love to See the Temple #95
  • The Lord Gave Me a Temple #153
  • Pioneer Children Sang as They Walked #214
  • Pioneer Children Were Quick to Obey #215
  • Little Pioneer Children #216
  • Westward Ho! #217
  • To Be a Pioneer #218
  • The Oxcart #219
  • The Handcart Song #220
  • Covered Wagons #221
  • Whenever I Think about Pioneers #222

Pioneer Songs in the Hymn Book:

  • High on the Mountain Top #5
  • Israel, Israel, God is Calling #7
  • Come, Come, Ye Saints #30
  • For the Strength of the Hills #35
  • Press Forward Saints #81
  • For All the Saints #82
  • Faith of Our Fathers #84
  • How Firm a Foundation #85
  • Let Us All Press On #243
  • Onward, Christian Soldiers #246
  • Up, Awake, Ye Defenders of Zion #248
  • Called to Serve #249
  • We Are All Enlisted #250
  • Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel #252
  • True to the Faith #254
  • Carry On #255
  • As Zion’s Youth in Latter Days #256
  • Go Forth with Faith #263

Pioneer Fun Primary Songs:

  • The Church of Jesus Christ #77
  • Family History I Am Doing It #94
  • Roll Your Hands #274 (like a wagon wheel!)
  • Do As I’m Doing #276 (with Pioneer actions)
  • The Saints Go Marching (Not in the CS, Sung to the tune of The Ants Go Marching)
70+ Summer Primary Songs for Singing Time (4th of July & Pioneer Day!) Easy ideas for Music Leaders Saints Go Marching

LDS Restoration Songs

You can tie in a restoration theme along with Pioneer Day if you’d like, or use these songs in the Spring with the anniversary of the restoration.

Restoration Primary Songs:

  • This Is My Beloved Son #76
  • The Golden Plates #86
  • An Angel Came to Joseph Smith #86a
  • The Sacred Grove #87
  • On a Golden Springtime #88
  • The Priesthood is Restored #89

Restoration Songs in the Hymn Book:

*You can find additional restoration hymns here, these few were the most specifically relevant to Pioneer’s day and Primary.

  • The Morning Breaks #1
  • The Spirit of God #2
  • High on the Mountain Top #5
  • Joseph Smith’s First Prayer #26
  • Praise to the Man #27

More Summer Primary Songs by LDS Composers:

I’ve complied some additional songs written by LDS musical composers with themes of standing for truth and restoration that also fit a strong summer and patriotic theme!

*You will need Bishopric and Primary President approval and may need to purchase sheet music to use any of these songs.

Printable Summer Primary Song List

To help you more easily refer back to this list of great songs to pick from for your summer holiday planning, I’ve created this 2-page printable list. Just print it out and add it to your singing time binder!

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What are your favorite Primary songs to teach over the summer?

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