The Holy Ghost Word Map

For an engaging way to teach The Holy Ghost, bring in these visuals to help you teach the song line by line. In this The Holy Ghost Word Map activity, you’ll help break down all the ways the Holy Ghost helps us that bring added meaning to the lyrics of the song.

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The Holy Ghost Word Map singing time idea - fun and engaging way to teach this song the first time line by line using a visual representation of the lyrics that teach the core message of this song. Includes printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders.

The Holy Ghost Word Map

How to Play:

Sing through The Holy Ghost song (flip chart here) once, before introducing this activity. This is great to help be a refresher of the lyrics or to help introduce the melody and concept if it’s your first week with the song.

Ask the children: What is this song about? If you don’t get any responses, you can sing through it again and have them hunt for clues, or give them hints (what is the song title?, hum the line, etc).

The Holy Ghost Word Map pieces laid out

Put the “Holy Ghost” word art strip in the middle of the white board, making sure you have enough room around it for the rest of your pieces to be placed as needed.

Sing through the first line of the song together. If you’re just learning the song, you could sing it once, then have the kids echo sing the line back to you. Add the graphic of the earth with the word “Christ.”. Place this piece above the “Holy Ghost” word art. Here’s our first clue, but we need a little more information. Let’s sing the second line!

Sing the second line of the song, and ask what they heard. That’s right – Christ promised he would send us something. Let’s add our envelope next! You can add the plus, or leave it out. Either way works. What do you think he gave us to help us?

The Holy Ghost Word Map chart for the 1st verse

Sing the 3rd line and point to your word phrase you already added. He gave us the Holy Ghost! What is one way the Holy Ghost can help us? We will add a bunch of ways this song talks about, but we just learned one. Did you hear it? That’s right – he “comforts” us. Add the dove that represents the Spirit below or near the “Holy Ghost”. You can draw a line on the board to connect the pieces or just leave them in a row beneath the phrase.

Continue to make your way through the song one line at a time adding pieces to your word map. You might start from the very beginning of the song and sing all the way through after every few pieces, to help the kids remember the words they’ve learned so far and build on the song.

The Holy Ghost Word Map singing time idea - fun and engaging way to teach this song the first time line by line using a visual representation of the lyrics that teach the core message of this song. Includes printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders.

Extension Activities:

  • Hide the pieces around the room and hunt for them while you sing, then add them where the kids think they might go. Help them out if they need any guidance.
  • Scramble all the pieces into an envelope with one envelope per class or small group of children. Let them put together the puzzle in the way they think it should go. There’s no “wrong” answer. They could put them in order from left to right, assemble them like I have shown you below, or any other combination that helps them sing through the song. Wonder as you sing and check out all their creativity.
The Holy Ghost Word Map coloring page printable
  • When the word map is completed, pick a piece or two to remove. Ask the children to sing those words extra loud or sing and clap for those words. Continue to remove the clues as they sign along.
  • Let the kids color in the 1-page sheet while you sing or take it home to color and sing!
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The Holy Ghost Printable Song Helps

This free in post printable includes a 1-page guide to the layout of the word map and a 2-page printable to cut out the individual pieces for the 1st verse and assemble!

The Holy Ghost Word Map 2-page printable
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What other fun ways could you extend this Word Map activity? How did it go over with your Primary children?

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