When I Am Baptized – Baptism Stories

I love including the Primary kids and their experiences in Singing Time, when it’s a good fit. It’s a great way to start teaching the kids how to share their testimonies in everyday ways. So, when teaching When I Am Baptized, I’ll be aiming one of my lesson plans on sharing baptism stories!

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When I Am Baptized
Baptism Stories

I’ve sent an email out to Primary parents (through the Primary President) requesting stories, quotes, or even just a few sentences from the Primary children about their special baptism day.

I’ll add these stories to a slideshow that I play on a loop, so we can hear the words of the song we are singing while seeing how the meaning behind the words has impacted our friends in the Primary room.

You could alternatively print them out on cute papers and post them all over the white board for a fun visual affect. You can use a large poster print – like of this image from your ward media library in the center!

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Sometimes, it can be hard to get parents to respond and participate. If you have one of those wards, you can also do this activity on the fly. Ask the kids to share about their baptism day in person! You could have 1 or 2 friends share, then sing through the verse, and take more answers and continue until everyone that wants to share has had a turn.

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To extend the activity, you could ask questions about their baptism day, such as these. The kids that answer “yes” will stand and sing!

Senior Primary — Sing if you: 

  • shared your baptism day with someone else
  • had family come out of town for your baptism
  • brought treats for your guests (for after)
  • received a gift at your baptism
  • had a non-member come to your baptism

In Junior Primary, you could ask a couple of Senior Primary kids ahead of time to come in as special guests and share their stories with the Junior Primary. Fun stand & sing questions for Junior could include…

Junior Primary — Sing if you: 

  • have an older sibling that has been baptized
  • will get baptized this year (will likely apply to most of the CTR 7 class)
  • have been to someone’s baptism
  • are excited to get baptized
  • will invite a non-member friend to your baptism

Click here —> to Download Stand & Sing Game for this Baptism Stories lesson plan

Add the prompts you think up in the comments to add to this list! 

Head over next to see how we’re using paper plate for teaching When I Am Baptized!

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