Families Can Be Together Forever – Letter Code

This fun letter code will challenge the kids, give them just a hint as a clue of the next word, and bring a fun no-prep activity for reviewing Families Can Be Together Forever.

Families Can Be Together Forever 1st Letter Code for LDS Primary Singing Time activity - Choristers / music leaders no-prep game! #PrimarySinging #LDS #Primary #SingingTime #PrimaryChorister

Families Can Be Together Forever
1st Letter Code

This 2-page printable letter code takes the very first letter of each word.

For example, IHAFHOE = I have a family here on earth.

The 1st verse has 3 strips of letters, the 2nd verse has 2, and the chorus has 4 letter strips.

You’ll cut each out – I prefer to use a paper cutter so that the kids don’t get any clues from a not perfectly straight cut job when trying to arrange the puzzle of which letter strip goes first.

Families Can Be Together Forever Letter Code

For this game, I hold up one of the letter strips first. Ask if they know what it stands for. (Don’t hold up the first one!)

Ask them to listen to sing along to the song with you and see if they can crack what it means. Sing through the whole song one time. They can silently raise their hand when they figure out the meaning.

Then, ask someone what the gibberish word means. If for some reason they don’t guess it (chances are they will) then add a second gibberish word and go through the verse again.

Families Can Be Together Forever Letter Code

Next, randomly hand out the strips of letters to the 7 kids – one for each of the 1st verse and chorus. There job will be to arrange them in order while the rest of the Primary sings through the verse. You may need to sing through the verse 2-3 times until they’ve placed them in order.

Now, start the challenge of singing only the green lettered words, then only the blue, or have one side of the room sing one color while the other side sings another. You can also have them sing one phrase on, and one phrase off.

Families Can Be Together Forever Letter Code

When you’re ready to move on, pull down all the word strips and add the 2 additional word strips for the 2nd verse. As the kids this time to stand in order of the word strips for the 2nd verse. If they have one of the 1st verse strips they can put it on the board (in order) and return to their seats). This adds an extra challenge with a couple of “wrong” answers in the mix and the kids will need to figure out how to line up in order.

Let the helper kids hold flip their letter strip up (sing) and down towards their lap (sing silently) during the song as a mixer for the 2nd verse!

Click here —> to Download Families Can Be Together Forever 1st Letter Code

Another fun idea we have coming up is a video story for Families Can Be Together Forever!

2 thoughts on “Families Can Be Together Forever – Letter Code”

  1. Thank you for sharing your idea.
    Did you also make letter strips for the second verse? I could make them, but would prefer to have them all looking the same in font, color and letter size.
    Thanks again. What a great idea to review this song.

    • I didn’t make any for the 2nd verse. I do a different activity for each verse to keep things interesting! 🙂


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