3 When We Seek Him Sing Along Videos

Whenever I teach a song that isn’t from the Children’s Songbook, I like to share some videos that can help the children learn the words faster. Sing-along videos are great because they are very simple to follow!

I have seen lots of music leaders teaching When He Seek Him for Christmas this year! Use this When We Seek Him Sing Along Videos spiritual connection activity as you introduce this sweet song in singing time!

3 When We Seek Him Sing Along Videos Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders When We Seek Him Sing Along Videos 1

You can find the sheet music for When We Seek Him on shawnaedwardsmusic.com. This sheet music is available for purchase, as well as other resources related to the piece. There are arrangements for a children’s choir, solo, and a simplified version!

We have so many fun Christmas-themed singing time ideas right here on our site! So many different holiday ideas to use year after year!

1. When We Seek Him: New Christmas Song Video

This is the official video for this new Christmas song released by Shawna Edwards and Angie Killian. This video is so sweet, with live footage of children singing and enjoying Christmas festivities.

This is a great video to share if the song is very unfamiliar to the kids. If this is your first time introducing the song, it might be nice to share the entire video so the children can get a feel for how the song goes.

2. When We Seek Him Lyric Video:

This lyrics video is especially great to practice with if you don’t have a primary pianist. This video is helpful because they children can follow along with the lyrics and listen to the singers if they forget the melody!

This can be a fun alternative to reviewing the song with posters or flipcharts. Sometimes the kids just need something different!

3. When We Seek Him St. Patrick’s Choir

This When We Seek Him video was created by the St. Patrick’s Choir. This video does not have the lyrics written, so it might be a good challenge to see if they can sing along without seeing the words! Try singing through with the group and then practice the parts they aren’t as familiar with.

Activity Instructions:

  1. Before primary, choose a singalong video (or two) to share in primary!
  2. Bring in a TV from your building library or a large laptop screen. Prepare all the technology beforehand to minimize stress!
  3. At the beginning of primary, review the first verse of Mary’s Lullaby using our flipchart!
  4. Try singing through with one of the Sing Along videos! Start with one of the videos that includes background vocals.
  5. Then, challenge your primary kids to sing without seeing the lyrics!
  6. At the end of singing time, share your testimony of the birth of the Savior.
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Extension Ideas:

For an alternative activity, choose a sweet Christmas video from the church’s media library. There are so many to choose from! I’ve included a few of my favorite Christmas videos that are great for primary children!

All of these videos are pretty short and are a great way to invite the Spirit AND keep their attention! Choose one or even two videos to share in primary as you review When We Seek Him!

1. Kids & Christmas: Learning the Meaning of Christmas Through the Eyes of Children

Sing through the song once before and after watching this Kids & Christmas video. As you share the video, invite children to think about what Christmas means to them. Conclude with your testimony of Christ.

2. Animated Nativity Story for Children

This cute animated nativity story is a nice way to talk through the story of Christmas with the children. It’s 5 minutes, but could work well if you have the whole block or pick a scene to share.

3. He is the Gift Light the World Video

This video is perfect for When We Seek Him! Just as the wisemen brought gifts for baby Jesus, we often enjoy exchanging gifts with family members and friends ruing Christmas. This video reminds us that Jesus is the true gift.

After sharing one of these videos, start learning the words to When We Seek Him using this flipchart! It has a lot of lyrics, so be sure to take your time teaching this one! You can always come back to these videos for a fun way to review!

You could also use these videos to review this song during singing time! Once you share a video, review the song a few times. Watch another short message, then continue practicing the song!

We also have lots of ideas coming for this song! Watch out this When We Seek Him Dance Scarves activity next to continue reviewing this Christmas song!

Find all our Christmas singing time ideas here! You might also enjoy this sweet Symbols of Christmas & Jingle Bells Gift!

Symbols of Christmas easy and meaningful singing time activity to teach the importance and meaning behind the things we see at Christmastime! Plus, sing along Christmas songs and add an object and fun way to sing to bring the symbols to life. Plus, includes a super cute Jingle Bells Christmas gift tag printable and gift idea for your Primary children. Free printables for LDS Primary music leaders.

Which of these sweet videos will you share in primary? Do you have a favorite?

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