Mary’s Lullaby Snowflakes Match

I am so excited to use this Mary’s Lullaby Snowflakes Match during singing time this December! You will love this cute Christmas-themed logical conclusions activity. The kids will love seeing the primary room covered in beautiful snowflakes!

Each snowflake has a short phrase of the song written on it. During primary, help each snowflake find its match as you sing Mary’s Lullaby in primary!

Mary's Lullaby Snowflakes Match Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Marys Lullaby Snowflakes Match

Mary’s Lullaby Snowflakes Match

My primary kids really enjoy being able to get up from their seats during primary. Luckily, this activity does just that! This activity requires just a little bit of prep work and is such a fun way to review this sweet song in primary!

I’ve created a printable included later in this post that has several different colors and styles of snowflakes. Start by printing out whichever snowflakes you want to use. You can print it as is, or you can use some colored paper and have lots of colorful snowflakes!

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Once you print have 18 snowflakes, cut them out and keep them close to their match. Then, print out the word strips from the printable, making sure you have 2 of each phrase.

For this next step, I just used some tape. Glue will work great too! Tape each word strip to a snowflake. I tried to keep snowflakes with the same color/style together to make it easier to match them.

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Then, post the snowflakes all around the primary room! Try to spread out the matches. At the beginning of singing time, sing through the first verse of Mary’s Lullaby with this flip chart to make sure the kids are comfortable with the song.

Explain that you’ll be playing a matching game! Each of the snowflakes in the room has a match, and it’s your job to find all the matches! While the accompanist plays Mary’s Lullaby in the background, set a timer and have one class at a time walk around the room to look for matches.

Try to limit each child to one match so that other classes can find a match too! If you have a larger primary, have each class work together find matches!

After one class finds a few matches, bring the matches to the front of the room and sing through the song. Continue looking for matches and practicing the song!

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How to Play:

  1. Print out 18 snowflakes from the Snowflakes Match Printable. Print out all black and white or add some colorful snowflakes!
  2. Print out the word strips and tape a word strip to the front of each snowflake.
  3. Before primary, tape all the snowflakes around the primary room. This will quickly turn your room into a winter wonderland!
  4. At the beginning of primary, review the first verse and chorus of Mary’s Lullaby.
  5. Then, have the children look around the room and look for snowflakes that have matching word strips. Choose a child to take a match off the wall and bring it to the front of the room.
  6. Sing through the song again! While you sing, have another child choose a match.
  7. Continue singing until you have matched all the snowflakes correctly!
Mary's Lullaby Snowflakes Match Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders IMG 7714

Extension Ideas:

  • Once you have matched all the snowflakes, put the song lyrics in order! Arrange the snowflakes on the board so that the verse and chorus are in order. You can set the matches aside for this version.
  • Turn the snowflakes around and play a game of “Memory!” Have the children turn over two snowflakes at a time. Once you’ve made a match, sing through the song again! If the snowflakes do not match, turn them back over and continue until you find a match! You can find an example of a cute memory game in this post.
  • Take out all the matches until you only have one snowflake for each word strip. Divide out the snowflakes between classes. Have each class only sing the phrases that they have!
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Mary’s Lullaby Snowflakes Match
Printable Lesson Plan

This Snowflakes Match Printable Lesson Plan makes this activity oh so simple! The first page of this printable includes activity instructions, as well as 3 extension ideas. Print out this page to help you prep for this lesson, or save for another time!

I’ve also included 2 different styles of snowflakes in different colors. If you want to keep it simple, print out the black and white snowflakes. You can also print them on colored paper for some extra fun!

Mary's Lullaby Snowflakes Match Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders IMG 7708

I’ll be using a variety of snowflakes for my activity, so I’ll print out all 4 styles in different colors to make the room look more festive! Just be sure to print out enough copies for each 18 snowflakes.

Then, print out the word strips and tape them to each snowflake! I recommend keeping the color/style of the snowflake the same for matching phrases.

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How did your primary children enjoy this logical snowflakes match activity? We’d love to hear from you!

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