5 I Love to See the Temple Music Videos

Invite the Spirit into primary with this I Love to See the Temple Musical Number Videos. This spiritual connections activity is a great way to introduce this beautiful song in primary without stressing about finding a live performer!

Inviting a member of your ward to perform a musical number in primary can be a beautiful way to introduce a new song. If you’re running short on time and need a musical number, I have just the activity for you!

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I Love to See the Temple Music Videos singing time ideas for introducing this song in Primary - Our 5 favorite videos perfect for Singing Time for LDS Primary Music Leaders!

I have always loved the primary song I Love to See the Temple. This sweet song formed the foundation of my testimony of temples and the importance of being worthy to enter the temple.

As I prepare to teach this song in primary, I want to be sure to invite the Spirit so that the children have an opportunity to recognize the Holy Ghost as they learn this beautiful song.

I Love to See the Temple Music Video

Here are 5 beautiful videos of I Love to See the Temple musical numbers. These videos range from instrumental to choir arrangements. Many of these videos come from performances during General Conference, but some may be new to you! Hope you enjoy! I hope you find at least one that you love!

1. I Love to See the Temple Children’s Chorus

At the top of my list is this simple I Love to See the Temple Children’s Chorus video. I love this video because it shares beautiful pictures of temples to accompany the sweet children’s choir.

2. Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square General Conference April 2021

This is such a beautiful rendition of I Love to See the Temple by the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square. This was originally performed a few years ago in the April 2021 General Conference, so kids might recognize it!

3. I Love to See the Temple Mormon Guitar

This guitar version of I Love to See the Temple is just gorgeous! I love the simplicity of this arrangement. The video is free of distractions, which can allow space for children to feel the Holy Ghost and think about the temple.

4. I Love to See the Temple Korean Children’s Choir

This version of I Love to See the Temple was shown in a General Conference a few years ago and I absolutely love it! This version is sung in Korean, but even if children do not understand the language, they can still feel the Spirit as they watch and listen to this sweet music video.

5. I Love to See the Temple West Jordan Women’s Choir

This is another beautiful performance of I Love to See the Temple performed by a group of girls and young women from West Jordan, Utah. I remember watching this video for the first time and feeling the Spirit so strongly. I still feel the Holy Ghost when I watch this video, and I hope your primary children will too!

I Love to See the Temple Sing Along Video


Plus a bonus video, did you the sweet Meghann who shares singing time ideas on my blog also has a lovely voice and has been sharing sing along videos? This I Love to See the Temple Sing Along is another great option if you didn’t love any of the videos above or simple would like the lyrics included to help reinforce what they have been learning.

How to Use these Videos:

The beauty of this activity is definitely in its simplicity. If you have TVs to borrow, bring them into primary to show one or more of these videos. You could even use a laptop or a large IPad if you have a smaller primary.

Choose your favorite video(s) from this list and share them at the beginning of primary. Many children might already be familiar with the song, so it might be fun to have them sing along with the video on the second run-through.

Then, start teaching I Love to See the Temple using our handy flipchart! As you teach the song, feel free to return to the videos and have the kids practice along with the music videos. This is a great way to help them feel more confident as they begin to sing the song!

Extension Ideas:

  • Once you’ve started learning a verse of the song, bring back one of the videos and have the children follow along and sing with the video!
  • Play a simple “What’s next” game. After learning the words to the song, share one of the videos. Randomly pause the video and see if the kids can sing or say the next words in the song!
  • Create your own “mini-choirs!” Divide the groups up into small groups of 5-8. Assign each group a short section of the song to sing. Give them a few minutes to practice their part together, then perform the song!

Next, head over to see our I Love to See the Temple Call and Response activity. It’s a perfect way to challenge the kids and review the lyrics!

5 I Love to See the Temple Music Videos Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders IMG 6704

Which of these I Love to See the Temple Music Videos is your favorite? Do you have different one you love?

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