Year Overview Singing Time Planner

Are you looking for a better way to balance out your Primary Program songs with adding in fun holiday ideas, review weeks, and squeeze in all the alternate songs you want to learn throughout the year. To make seeing your weeks at a glance easy, I created this Year Overview Singing Time Planner!

After spending a few weeks working on Valentine’s Day singing time lesson plans and fun holiday themed Primary song lists, I had a fun idea for another great printable to include in your Primary Singing Time Binder!

Get this free printable and editable Year Overview Singing Time Planner PDF worksheet! It will help you plan 52 weeks teaching music at a glance with holidays!

This is an annual 52-week planner that gives you a quick way to write down important dates you need to remember. Add in your dates for ward conference, stake conference, general conference, your primary program, and any other important scheduling dates.

This is a great worksheet to add when Planning a Year of Singing Time Lessons. If you’re looking at this list and wondering how do you have enough time?? You’ll want to pop over to this Example of a Typical Singing Time post. It works wonderfully to do smaller activities for 2-3 songs per week!

Year Overview Singing Time Planner

This planner can help you plan ahead for fun holiday singing time ideas and make the most of the 48 weeks of Singing Time (4 weeks for General Conference and Stake Conference) throughout the year.

Year Overview Singing Time Planner Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Planner Workbook Etsy Overview Graphic

This worksheet ties in perfectly with our Singing Time Binder Planner to help you plan out your Singing Time each week, by month, by song, and for the year with all sorts of fun trackers and note taking worksheets. You can find the Primary Singing Time Planner in my Etsy Shop or in the digital cart here on the blog.

Get this free printable and editable Year Overview Singing Time Planner PDF worksheet! It will help you plan 52 weeks teaching music at a glance with holidays!

How to Fill-in and Use this Planning Overview:

You can print out the color-coded version and simply refer to it throughout the year as a reference point of what date are coming up to help you plan out your weeks. It’s filled in with the approximate dates, some holidays shift dates so they are best approximations.

The second sheet option is you can fill in the blank second sheet with your own dates. You can either fill in all your dates or get started with the dates you want to include, and then print and fill in the rest as you have confirmed dates!

Singing Time Year Planner Week-by-Week with Holiday view

Week-by-Week Holiday Planning Guide

I’ll include a quick overview of all the dates I’ve added in on the first page of my printable. These are of course just a guide that can help you in planning your own actual dates and plans in the blank spreadsheet.

I’ve also included a guide to help you know what days each of the holidays fall on to make it easier to fill in the spots. The 5th Sundays may slightly throw off the months, but it overall works out to be roughly the months as listed.

LDS Primary Music Leader Singing Time Year Planner Week-by-Week with Holiday view

* Primary Singing Time Holiday Dates Overview *

1JanNew Year Singing Time
2JanIntroduce New Songs
7FebValentine’s Singing Time
9FebPractice Easter
10MarPractice Easter
11MarPractice Easter
12MarSt Patrick’s Singing Time
13Mar*Easter* (late Mar-April)
14AprGeneral Conference
15AprPractice Mother’s Day
16AprPractice Mother’s Day
17AprPractice Mother’s Day
18MayPractice Mother’s Day
19May*Mother’s Day*
21MayPractice Father’s Day
22MayPractice Father’s Day
23JunePractice Father’s Day
24JunePractice Father’s Day
25June*Father’s Day*
27July4th of July Singing Time
30JulyPioneer Singing Time
33AugReview Program Songs
34AugBack School Singing Time
35AugReview Program Songs
36SeptReview Program Songs
37SeptPrimary Program Practice
38SeptPrimary Program Practice
39Sept*Primary Program*
40OctGeneral Conference
44OctHalloween Singing Time
46NovPractice Christmas
47NovPractice Christmas
48NovThanksgiving Singing Time
49DecPractice Christmas
50DecPractice Christmas
51DecPractice Christmas
52DecChristmas – No Primary

Printable & Editable Year of Singing Time Annual Overview Planner

I’ve included 2 different annual planner worksheets to help you in filling in a rough draft of your singing time plans for the year. There’s also a helpful informational guide to help you fill in the blanks with what days the holidays typically fall on.

The first sheet is a color-coded guide page that you can use as a reference point. It has all major holidays filed in and a primary program dates and practices. This is a really helpful chart to compare to when filling in your own dates.

Primary Singing Time Year Planner Week-by-Week with Holidays for music leaders

The second sheet in a blank view with just the weeks and rough months filled in within the 1st two columns. You can print out this PDF and write in your dates as you go through the year or edit the PDF fields with the dates you know you want to include, and then print for a cleaner copy!

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Which holidays do you plan for as part of your Singing Time?

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