A Child’s Prayer Dropped Pictures

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This fun A Child’s Prayer Dropped Pictures activity is simple but effective! You’ll build in lots of song repetition and have a fun way to learn the song!

A Child’s Prayer is one of the song selections for the Old Testament 2022 Primary Songs. It’s actually a song pick in 3 out of the 4 Come Follow Me years! But I think it fits best into the Old Testament rotation! You can see all my suggested Primary songs to teach by year, if helpful!

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A Child's Prayer Dropped Pictures Easy singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders A Childs Prayer Dropped Pictures

A Child’s Prayer Dropped Pictures

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How to Play:

Mix up your flip chart below, just to ensure it’s already out of order!

Sing through A Child’s Prayer together as a primary.

A Child's Prayer Dropped Pictures Singing Time Idea for Primary

Tell the children you brought pictures to help you learn this song. Start to pull them out of your singing time binder or purse and make a dramatic scene of “dropping” the pictures. “Oh no! I dropped the pictures!”

The children will likely rush right up to help you pickup all your pictures. If not, you can ask for their help! Would someone like to help me collect my pictures?

Then, when you have all the pictures gathered you can explain that they look like they’re out of order. But no worries – you know the kids can help you get them back in the right order!

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You can post all of the posters up on the board with a magnet holding each in a random order. Or, have a volunteer hold each of your pages. I recommend sticking with just one of the verses if you opt for this option or it will be a bunch of kids!

Sing through the song and after each time through, have the children help you rearrange and put one of the song pictures in the correct order. If using helpers, you can have one helper come up and pick a poster to put in the 1st spot. They’ll take the picture and be the new helper and stand at the beginning of the line. Thank your previous helper! This is a great way to get more children involved and relieve the children who may have been up front for a while.

Continue singing through the song and replacing or rearranging until all of the pictures are in the correct order.

A Child's Prayer Dropped Pictures Singing Time Idea for Primary

Extension Activities:

  • Make a mini sorting activity by printing 4 flip chart pages per paper. To do this click print, and when the settings menu opens choose “Multiple”. This will allow you to print several PDF pages per paper. Then just select the pages you want to print. You can use the mini pages either instead of or after you arrange the pictures in order!
  • Turn over 2-3 (or have the children hold the pictures faced down) several of the posters. Have the children skip singing for those sections of the song. Now, reset the posters and pick 2-3 pictures to turn over again
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After you grab our free printables for A Child’s Prayer Dropped Pictures (you’ll find the printables at the bottom of this post) then head over to grab our I Will Walk with Jesus Dropped Pictures printables!

A Child’s Prayer Dropped Pictures Printables

This printable A Child’s Prayer Dropped Pictures lesson plan includes a quick overview of how to play an extension activities.

A Child's Prayer Singing Time Idea - Dropped Pictures a fun and simple easy prep activity for Primary Music Leaders teaching A Child's Prayer for Old or New Testament Come Follow Me!

Then, it includes 7 pages with a line of the song and then a picture for the 1st verse. There are also an additional 4 pages with a picture and a line from the song for the 2nd verse. You can print either verse or both, depending on your needs! For Junior Primary you would probably want to separate them into at least 2 groups by verse.

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What other fun ways could you extend the use of this lesson plan to teach A Child’s Prayer?

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