An Angel Came to Joseph Smith – Body Rhythm

Let’s get moving with this fun body rhythm pattern for An Angel Came to Joseph Smith. This simple pattern can be used for both Junior and Senior Primary.

Fun body rhythm pattern idea for An Angel Came to Joseph Smith - Singing time lesson plan for primary choristers / music leaders. #LDS #Primary #MusicLeaders #PrimaryChorister #Chorister #ImaMormon #SingingTime #

An Angel Came to Joseph Smith
Body Rhythm

This body rhythm pattern is a great for activity for learning a specific verse as you’ll get to repeat the song several times through, or you can use it for review and sing through the whole song a few times.

Here’s how I use it. Start by singing the song through 1-2 times without the pattern. Then ask the children if they can follow your lead. Sing through one verse asking the children to just watch and observe to see if they can tell you what the pattern is.

Then, you’ll let them teach what the pattern is. You can write the pattern up on the board, or just post this printable body rhythm pattern for a visual reminder.

Practice the first half of the pattern (as it repeats) without music so you can talk the steps and help the kids follow your movement.

In Junior primary, simply repeat the pattern 3-4 times through while singing.

In Senior primary, you can hold a competition and have one side perform while the other sings, and then switch sides. Or, do the routine 2 times, then ask for suggestions to mix up the routine and replace one of the movements with an idea from your Primary!

Body Rhythm Pattern

Here’s the pattern, and how it fits into the flow of the song:

  • March in place – “An angel came to”
  • Patsch both thighs – “Joseph Smith”
  • Turn in a circle – “and from the ground he took”
  • March in place – “a sacred record”
  • Patsch both thighs – “hidden there”
  • Turn in a circle – “a precious holy”
  • Dab – “book” (this move is optional, but my Primary’s favorite!)

Patsch means to place both of your hands palm down against your thighs. Think of it like clapping, but hitting your thighs to make a sound, rather than the hands together.

If you don’t know what a “dab” is – just ask your Primary kids! Maybe it’s just mine, but the kids go crazy for it. It’s the #1 move they always request. (“If you’re happy and you know it.. dab like this!”) Basically, you quickly move both arms straight out pointing to one side of the room. Your one arm goes out across the front of your body bent at your elbow. The other arm is straight from the shoulder.

Click Here —> to Download An Angel Came to Joseph Smith Body Rhythm

Fun jingle bells pattern and game idea for teaching An Angel Came to Joseph Smith song! Singing time lesson plan for primary choristers / music leaders. #LDS #Primary #MusicLeaders #PrimaryChorister #Chorister #ImaMormon #SingingTime

I have one more fun activity planned for An Angel Came to Joseph Smith. Head over to see how I’ll use Jingle Bells to practice this fun song!

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  1. Thank you, thank you for all your time and thought in posting these activities! I was pulling a blank for how to teach this Sunday, but your website gave me more than enough ideas which will keep the kids’ attention.


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