7 Best LDS Primary Blogs + 70 More Singing Time Website Links

Coming up with ideas for Primary Singing Time is a LOT of work! As a Primary Music Leader for 3 years, and a Primary Singing Time blogger, I KNOW first hand how much work it is!

I’ve scoured the web, and poked through nearly 100 older than the hill Primary Singing Time blogs, to create this list and bring you the 7 Best LDS Primary Blogs, plus links to more than 70 additional resources you’ll love (including old archived blogs!)

We’re so glad you’re here, and have found our site as a useful resource site for Primary Singing Time Ideas! But today, we have a special post sharing our favorite other Primary resources around the web!

Scroll through the whole list to find our top picks for best blogs, helpful free resources, our favorite digital shops, and an extensive list of archived Primary Singing Time Websites to browse!

Looking for ALL the ideas for Singing Time? Check this list with the 7 BEST LDS Primary Blogs +70 additional resources for Primary Music Leaders / Choristers.

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BEST LDS Primary Blogs!

7 Best LDS Primary Blogs
for Singing Time Ideas!

1. Primary SingingSince you’re here, hopefully you’ve already discovered my blog! Or maybe someone shared this post or you found it on Google. If so, welcome! I may be biased, but I believe my blog is the BEST Primary Singing Time blog around with current content and ideas.

There are over 500 blog posts and I’m working on creating 8 lesson plans for each of the main program songs!! Add to that a huge list with 200+ singing time ideas and hopefully you’ll find tons of ideas to inspire you here on my site!

Printable Song Planner Worksheet - Primary Singing Time resource for Music Leaders! Easily plan 8 different activities in minutes with this free printable.

You’ll find free printable lesson plans and activity ideas! Plus, don’t miss our Song Planner Worksheet that makes planning for a Singing Time SO easy! Jump right in with our Start Here index, Song List index, or Flip Chart Index that make finding what you’re looking for easy!

2. Teaching Primary Music Sharla Dance, who created this website, is considered the best of the best on music theory for Primary music! I’ve loved learning from her methods and being able to incorporate her learning styles into my work, I’ve seen how powerful and impactful it is for the kids!

7 Best LDS Primary Blogs + 70 More Singing Time Website Links Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders teaching primary music sharla dance
Image Credit: Sharla Dance, Teaching Primary Music

If you get a chance to attend (or watch a recording) of one of her Singing Time workshops it is well worth the time (or small fee) to do so. But you can also browse her website where she shares lots of ideas on how to apply her concepts to singing time! She may not have the most active blog, but it’s absolutely priceless!

3. Camille’s Primary Ideas – Another fantastic blog that has Primary Singing Time ideas for many of the Primary songs, you’ll want to check out Camille’s website. She’s been sharing Primary Singing Time ideas for 10 years!!

4. I Heart Primary MusicThis blog is still frequently updated and is easy to navigate. You’ll love her very unique ideas and beautiful pictures. Her ideas will get you crafting, and are a little more involved, but the payout can be so worth it!

7 Best LDS Primary Blogs + 70 More Singing Time Website Links Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders i heart primary general conference
Photo Credit: I Heart Primary Music

My favorite post of hers is this one on 10 General Conference Primary Singing Time Ideas! Lots of cute ideas for both the Singing Time leading up to or following General Conference of for use at home with your own children.

5. Little LDS Ideas You’ll adore the darling printables available by Little LDS Ideas! She has some really fun and unique ideas and pairs her activities with free printables to boot! Like these Printable New Testament Paper Dolls that are so darling!

7 Best LDS Primary Blogs + 70 More Singing Time Website Links Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders new testament paper dolls
Photo Credit: Little LDS Ideas

6. LDS Primary PrintablesAmy’s blog is newer on the scene, but you’ll find lots of linked resources and ideas! She offers both paid and free printables. I like this website best for the great round-ups of singing time ideas, like this post on 12 Holy Ghost Singing Time Ideas.

7. Singing Magic – This site shares content that is more like mini-devotionals. They would have been great for Sharing Time, but certainly you can find some ideas to adapt here for Singing Time!

12 YouTube Channels for Singing Time Ideas

Browse YouTube for Singing Time ideas!! If video is your thing, a whole bunch of new singing time ideas and lessons cropped up during Covid at-home Singing Times! A few favorites:

Book of Mormon Singing Time Ideas videos on YouTube
  1. Primary Singing – See our posts in video!
  2. Teaching Primary Music Shala Dance
  3. Primary Music Boss
  4. Angela’s Singing Time
  5. Allie Wren Virtual Singing Time
  6. Bonanza Primary Singing Time
  7. 321 Beckarama
  8. Heather Pearcy Virtual Singing Time
  9. Magical Musical Minute
  10. Sharon Glassman Virtual Singing Time
  11. Virtual Singing Time with Jaelynn Horton
  12. Home-Centered Singing Time and her music + clipart: Angie Killian Music

4 Facebook Groups for
Swapping Singing Time Ideas!

I have found a ton of value in joining a couple of Facebook groups focused on Primary Singing Time. You’ll find ideas and printables shared along with ways to get support and quick answers to questions. These are my 4 favorite Facebook groups:

7 Best LDS Primary Blogs + 70 More Singing Time Website Links Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders singing time ideas fb group

8 Online Shops for Primary Music Leaders

1. Amazon Primary Music Leader Wish List I’ve got to admit, my very favorite place to shop for Singing Time Supplies is Amazon. This wish list is FANTASTIC to easily shop for supplies – especially if you have a budget available to you!

7 Best LDS Primary Blogs + 70 More Singing Time Website Links Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders amazon primary music leader wishlist

You can also see our complete list of Essential Primary Music Leader Supplies with all of our favorite products, and where to find them! There’s instruments and manipulatives, but also SO MUCH more that you’re probably spending money on, and should expense!

Printable ribbon wand action cards for singing time and music activities! Or great for movement break from learning! Created for LDS Primary Music Leaders and families to correlate with my free lesson plans!

2. Primary Singing Music CardsYou’ll find TONS of free resources on my site, but if you want all of our extended printables or custom art flip charts, check out our shop on the blog or the Etsy Primary Singing Storefront.

Born to Be a King Handbell Chart - free printable Merry Bells hand bells chart for teaching this song in Singing Time! Helpful printables for LDS Primary Music Leaders for this beautiful Christmas song!

3. Merry Bells Handbell Charts – If you’re looking to make using handbells easy and fun, you’ll love Merry Bells both for their high quality hand bells and their SO fun guitar-hero style Play-along videos and printable bell charts! They’re all transposed to c-key so the basic 8-bells work without needing the expensive sharps!

Save 10% off any Merry Bells purchase with the coupon code: PrimarySinging

4. Love Pray Teach – If you’re looking for printable song packets with word clip art and image clip art you can check out the resources here.

5. Red Headed Hostess – For bulletin board décor, Primary binders, and other organization printables, this can be a good resource.

6. Gospel Grab Bag – Stop here for a variety of singing time activities and printables. They have really cute printables and a lot that are interactive or reusable for a variety of singing times ideas!

7. SegoLily – For a different approach to your bulletin board, talk assignments, and organization printables, check out this Etsy shop!

8. Not Just ORRdinary – This Etsy shop offers for-purchase song visuals. They have some cute graphics that could be useful, but you can also find lots of free graphics, just continue to the resources below!

5 Singing Time Flip Chart Resources

1. Primary Singing Flip Charts IndexBrowse our Flip Chart index right here on this site to find our condensed flip charts!! I love using colorful ink, but I do NOT love flipping through a ton of pages while trying to lead music. This caused me to simplify! Most songs are 1-2 pages per verse, plus the chorus.

I'll Walk With You Flip Chart

I also offer a landscape black and white flip chart options as well for those that need to cut down on ink use or simply want a very simplistic flip chart to hang over the podium!

2. LDS Choristers Flip Charts – For a comprehensive list of flip charts for just about every Primary song, this site has them all! I started with using this blog as a new chorister, but I didn’t like how MANY pages each flip chart was, so I started making my own (see above).

7 Best LDS Primary Blogs + 70 More Singing Time Website Links Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders flip chartColor Your Own 4
Image Credit: A Lively Hope

3. A Lively Hope – For one-of-a-kind Primary flip charts, you’ll love these color-in Printable Singing Time Flip Charts! A Lively Hope makes hand drawn graphics to go along with the lyrics!

4. The Idea Door – Here you’ll find 30 flip charts for some of the most popular Primary songs!

5. Richly Singing – If you’re not afraid of LONG flip charts with tons of pages, Virginia makes really beautiful flip charts.

10 Favorite Resource Sites

1. The Church of Jesus Christ Media Library – Here you’ll find an enormous library of clip art, photos, videos, music, and more! I refer to the Gospel Media library all the time for help with my Primary Singing Time lessons!

7 Best LDS Primary Blogs + 70 More Singing Time Website Links Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders gospel media library

2. Children’s Songbook & Music Libraries – The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints website is chock full of music resources that can help you! Don’t overlook this as a destination for all things Primary! Here are some of my favorites:

3. Come, Follow Me Manual & Resources – The Primary-based annual Come, Follow Me manual has a lot of helpful resources. You’ll find instructions for Singing Time, a proposed schedule, and other guidance. Plus, you’ll find song suggestions that fit with the weekly themes and the monthly song picks as well.

I also like referring to the Behold Your Little Ones Nursery Manual if I am responsible for visiting the nursery children as well. If you poke around long enough if the manuals section, under children, you’ll find scripture stories, videos, coloring pages and more!

4. ASL Primary Choristers If you’ve ever wanted to use Sign Language in Primary, this site is a great resource. You will have to register, but you’ll have access to videos of how to teach ASL signs – simplified!

5. BYU Primary Music Resources Listings – There are some really fun links here. My favorite – the Primary Songs on the Ukulele printable packet! You’ll also find links to some music composers websites as well.

6. LDS Clipart Remember way back in the day when there used to be those clipart CDs? This site reminds me of those old school CDs! You can find some good clipart here, but it does sometimes take some digging.

7. LDS Primary Music Planner – Put in your songs and share your digital singing time list with your pianist or Primary families.

8. Susan Fitch IllustrationsYou can find some freebie clipart and ideas here that are great for singing time, plus shop items.

9. Primary Hand Bells If you’re looking for Hand bell charts for Primary Songs, start here! They have a great list of printables. Or, create your own bell charts with our Hand Bell Note Cards!

10. Bells & Maps by Gill Piano Studio This website has a small collection of files, but there are some really fun and good resources here you won’t want to miss!

My 12 Favorite Archived
Primary Singing Time Websites

These sites are no longer being updated, but you can still find good ideas and content within their archives! While they won’t make our list for our favorite blogs because they’re so outdated, they are often worth a peek to see what you can find!

1. In the Leafy Treetops This is a great archived blog! It’s definitely outdated, and ideas are categorized around the older Primary song rotation, but you can still find a lot of gems here!

2. The Primary Pad – I’ve been very inspired by this blog, actually! You may see some of my posts inspiration from this old but still relevant blog!

3. OCD Primary Chorister This used to be a fantastic site with a lot of resources, however the owner left the church and closed down the website. You can still find it on web histories, and the link to the Google Drive archives of her files here should work!

4. The Barefoot Chorister This site is a really good resource for singing time ideas that take up the full 20 minutes! So, I’ll reference her activities a lot for review ideas and for subs!

5. Patti’s Primary Place – You’ll find 4 years of archives here, from 2011-2015. Some of the ideas are more geared towards Sharing Time, and not specifically for singing, but lots of ways to adapt those ideas.

I adore this post on Primary Sharing Time Christmas Nativities! It goes right along with the Primary Singing Time Skit we created for The Nativity Song.

6. AF Primary Singing Time – She has a pretty good archive assortment of ideas, but the newest post is from 2013! I love her idea for a Song Chain!

7. Primary Singing Time with MatildaThis blog may have been one of the FIRST of it’s kind! The archives start way back in 2009 and go through 2015. But, consider starting here with this Choose and Review list that is awesome!

8. Sugardoodle This website offers a variety of printables for all the different auxiliaries, including Primary. I do find this website really difficult to navigate – but use the search and you might just stumble across some gems!

9. The Crazy Chorister Her ideas are EASY to sort through with a bullet-point list down the sidebar. I love that I can quickly browse the ideas to find what I’m looking for, and move on!

10. Sofia’s Primary IdeasThis site has a lot of good content in the archives, but you’ll also find sprinkled throughout FHE ideas. If you’re looking for something a little different, take a peek here!

11. Music for Primary I love some of her ideas and visuals! Traffic lights and swords in Primary – yes please! The archives here will take you back to 2010-2011.

12. Notes from a Novice Primary Music Leader An easy year at a glance list plus ADORABLE Snowflakes for Primary! This blog dates back to 2013.

25 Additional Honorable Mentions
Primary Singing Time Blogs to Browse

  1. Music of Primary Importance
  2. Primarily Singing
  3. Precious Primary
  4. Pat Graham’s website
  5. The Chorister’s Corner
  6. The Children Sing
  7. Santa Monica 2 Primary Music
  8. Hum Your Favorite Hymn
  9. Ordinary Adventures of a Primary Chorister
  10. Sing With Me Too
  11. Singing a Song is Fun to Do
  12. Kami’s Primary Music Ideas
  13. Primary Singing in the Rain
  14. Sunbeam Singing
  15. Primary Music Notes
  16. Teach LDS Children
  17. Brittany’s Musical Notes
  18. Oh What Do You Do For Singing Time
  19. Primary Singing Ideas
  20. Music and Primary Fun
  21. Pansies and Popcorn
  22. Henckel House
  23. Primary Impressions
  24. Would You Like to Sing a Song
  25. Mormon Mama on a Mission
7 Best LDS Primary Blogs + 70 More Singing Time Website Links Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders primarysinging shop
Head over to find our Digital Shop for our one of a kind printables to help make the most of our Singing Time planning and lessons! We have hundreds of free lesson plans with printables, but do have just a few items in our digital shop to help support the website.

What’s your very favorite Primary resource from this list? Did I miss any?

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