10 Singing Time Ideas Using Flip Charts

Singing Time Ideas Using Flip Charts

I use flip charts a lot of the time in Primary as I feel it’s helpful for those kids that aren’t always there each week and for the teachers (which encourages THEM to actually sing along with the kids!) It …

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In My Father’s Hands – Echo Singing

In My Father's Hands Echo Singing

One really easy, no-prep way to teach the words of a song for the very first time is with Echo Singing! You can also use this method if the children need a review of the words to make sure they …

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I Love to See the Temple – Match Game

Have fun singing I Love to See the Temple over and over with this fun Temple Match game! Plus, see below, for another interesting variant game option of playing Go Fish!! —> Click to Pin/Save This Post! <— I Love …

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Keep the Commandments – Color the Commandments

Keep the Commandments Coloring Pages

If you’re looking for something fun and meaningful to do with your Junior Primary while you try one of the challenging activities (like this First Letters game) in Senior, look no further! I’ll be teaching Keep the Commandments one week …

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Gethsemane – Egg Shakers

I’m sorry I didn’t share this idea earlier. My kids school track out took away all my extra ambition! 🙂 But we used this egg shaker idea for reviewing Gethsemane on Easter, since it was a perfect tie in to …

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Gethsemane – Lyrics Unscramble

Gethsemane Lyrics Unscramble

One of my Primary kids very favorite lesson plans we’ve done in the 2.5 years I have been in this calling was this envelope game we did for If the Savior Stood Beside Me. They were completely enthralled and engaged …

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I Know My Father Lives – Song Story

I Know My Father Lives Song Story

A song story is a really cool way to introduce a song! If you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend it! I’ve found my Primary kids are dead silent and focused on me as I share a story (and …

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Rhythm Sticks Pattern Cards

PrimarySinging.com Printable Rhythm Sticks Pattern Cards

Rhythm Sticks are probably my very favorite musical instrument to bring in! I’m not sure why, I just really love them!! I started using them with really simple actions first – a steady or a quick tap or a steady …

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Tell Me the Stories of Jesus – Team Band

Stories of Jesus Instruments

Today, I’m sharing a fun activity that will work great for a review week for Tell Me the Stories of Jesus! This Singing Time lesson plan will have everyone involved and a fun music challenge as they work together as …

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