Gethsemane – What Comes Next

Bring the Gethsemane song to life with a fun round of alternating singers that will give both a challenge and a fun activity in one!

This is a great activity for your logical learners especially! The silent singing (or singing in their head) will actually help them retain and remember those words!

Gethsemane What Comes Next Activity - Primary Singing Time Lesson Plan and Ideas for LDS Music Leaders or home study of Come Follow Me!

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What Comes Next

How to Play:

  • Sing through the song once first.
  • Then, post the posters with the what comes next pattern. Each dot represents one word that the echo singers will sing.

  • I plan to sing solo all the words typed out and have the kids fill in the missing words. You could also do this the other way around, if you’re teaching the song.
  • Next, we’ll split the room and one half will be the words and the other half of the room will be the dots.

Extension Activity: For more repetition, if you have time, have the whole Primary room sing either the words only or the dots only.

Challenge Round: Have one child lead the what comes next activity. He can pause singing whenever he decides, and the echo singers will sing the next 2 or 3 words, whatever the Primary room decides before you start!

What Comes Next Printable

You can grab this printable version of the game so it’s super easy, no prep required. It’s a 6-page printable so the words are nice and big on this pretty long song. Alternatively, you could do the same activity without printing at all.

Either write the words and dots like you see here up on the whiteboard or just sing and pause without any words at all. It will be easier for the kids to follow along with the number of dots outlined, though.

Click here —> to Print Gethsemane What Comes Next Activity

What other fun ways could you extend this What Comes Next activity?

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