My Heavenly Father Loves Me – Scarves Pattern

All of my primary kids love using scarves! I created this simple pattern to use while singing through My Heavenly Father Loves Me – either verse works.

Pass out a silk scarf to every kid in Primary, or save money and buy scarves for only half of the kids. This gives you a sneaky reason to sing through the song practicing the pattern twice as many times!

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My Heavenly Father Loves Me - Singing Time Lesson plan using scarves! For Primary music leaders / choristers including printable.

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My Heavenly Father Loves Me
Scarves Pattern

This scarves pattern continues during each line of the song, then move to the next pattern. You’ll make your way through the 4 patterns twice during the song, starting over at the top once you’re halfway through the song.

  • Up & Down – “Whenever I hear the song of a bird”
  • Left/Right – “Or look at the blue, blue sky”
  • Circles – “Whenever I feel the rain on my face”
  • Swishes along bottom – “Or the wind as it rushes by”
  • Up & Down – “Whenever I touch a velvet rose”
  • Left/Right – “Or walk by a lilac tree
  • Circles – “I’m glad that I live in this beautiful world”
  • Swishes along bottom – “Heavenly Father created for me”

The up and down pattern is just raising your arm up and back down while holding a corner of the scarf square. The same for left to right, just move your arm back and forth horizontally in front of you.

For circles just draw a circle with your scarf out in front of you. Finally, you’ll swish across in front of you at about thigh level, like your drawing a snake slithering along the sand.

Use these sheer rainbow colored scarves for singing time! We love having lots of different colors scarves, especially when it comes time to sing When I Am Baptized!

For your Senior primary, give them the challenge of adding four of their own “patterns” for the last four lines (or the whole song with a x2 repeat).

My group’s favorite is always tossing the scarf up in the air and catching it again. If you do add more patterns, you can just quickly draw the symbols up on the white board so everyone can remember what to do.

Dance Scarves Movement Cards

Or, grab our Dance Scarves Movement Cards for instant patterns that are a cinch!! The set includes a contact sheet with all of the 24 different ideas I came up with!

You don’t need to use this chart at all, but it can be helpful even just to have in front of you on the music stand so you can remember your pattern for teaching it. The kids will catch on very quickly and likely won’t need the symbols at all.

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My Heavenly Father Loves Me - A fun playdoh creations game to teach this wonderful primary song - great lesson plan for LDS music leaders / choristers! Printable playmats and directions. #LDS #Imamormon #Primary #PrimaryChorister #MusicLeader #SingingTime

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