Help Me, Dear Father Words of a Prophet Videos

I love the sweet message that the song Help Me, Dear Father teaches. This short primary song testifies of the relationship we can have with Heavenly Father, no matter our age.

To help your primary children better understand the message of this song, use this Help Me Dear Father Words of a Prophet spiritual connection activity. Share a sweet video and invite the Spirit into your primary room as you teach this song this month.

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Help Me Dear Father Words of a Prophet - Share a spiritual video to help your primary children understand the message of this song with additional helps for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Help Me, Dear Father Words of a Prophet

Sharing a video clip or story from General Conference can be a powerful way to bring the Spirit into singing time. One way to use videos in singing time is to introduce a new primary song. By sharing a short video clip, you can help your primary children understand the doctrine behind a song before you even teach a single note!

You can also share a simple video as part of your singing time lesson and pair it with another activity. We have lots of fun review ideas for this song, like this fun Help Me Dear Father Magic Crayon drawing activity. Pairing a video with a more active activity can be a great way to keep your primary kiddos engaged the entire time!

The only tricky part about this lesson plan is getting your technology set up beforehand. I have experienced the disappointment of preparing a video to share during a lesson and having the technology decide not to work that day.

I recommend getting to the primary room a little early to set up your technology and check to make sure the video will work. Give it a quick test run and you’ll be set for singing time.

This activity requires very little introduction. Simply having a TV or laptop in the primary room will quickly capture their attention. Invite the children to listen quietly and pay attention to how they feel during the video.

After the video is finished, ask the children to share what they learned. Listen to their insights and help them understand that these good feelings come from the Holy Ghost. Then, have the pianist play through Help Me, Dear Father. If you feel comfortable, sing the words.

Share that you’ll be learning a primary song that teaches about forgiveness. If you have time and want to begin practicing the lyrics, grab our flip chart for as a helpful reference. You can also simply watch the video and listen to the song once or twice.

I’ve included a few videos below that go great with this song! The first verse of this song teaches us that we can ask Heavenly Father for help to forgive others. What a beautiful lesson that can apply to us all! Here are 3 video ideas that teach about forgivness.

1. Forgiving Others: An Easter Message from President Russell M. Nelson

This sweet video narrated by President Russell M. Nelson teaches us the importance of forgiving others. In this video, President Nelson talks about how the Savior set an example of forgiveness by forgiving his crucifiers. What a perfect message, especially if you are teaching this song around Easter time.

Just grab this link to watch this 5-minute video: Forgiving Others: An Easter Message from President Russell M. Nelson

2. Matthew 18: Forgive 70 Times 7 Bible Video

This short, 3-minute clip from the Bible videos teaches about forgiveness directly from the scriptures. In this video, Jesus teaches the apostle Peter that we must always forgive others. He also teaches the parable of the unforgiving king.

Here’s the link for easy reference: Bible Video: Matthew 18 – Forgive 70 Times 7

3. The Goal: A Story of Faith, Friendship, and Forgiveness

This video is a bit longer, about 7 minutes in length. However this story about children learning to forgive each other may be relatable for your primary children. In this story, two boys must forgive each other after a fight on the playground.

Just click on this link or watch the video below: The Goal: A Story of Fath, Friendship, and Forgiveness

Stand for the Right Video Story - spiritual connections singing time idea with 4 video stories for LDS Primary Music Leaders teaching Come Follow Me New Testament.

For another fun similar activity, head over to see this Stand For the Right Video Story singing time activity!

Extension Activities:

  • Share a video about repentance to go along with the second verse! This video narrated by Elder Dale G. Renlund tells a captivating story about children learning to repent.
  • Find General Conference quotes about forgiveness. Write or type out each quote on a word strip and read messages from church leaders about forgiveness as you review this song!
  • Practice this song using a sing along video! Check out this Help Me, Dear Father Sing Along video and sing with this video after watching a spiritual message.

You’ll love this fun Help Me Dear Father Be My Mirror activity!

Help Me Dear Father Be My Mirror - Copy simple actions for a fun movement idea in singing time with printable action cards for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

What other fun ways will you use this words of a prophet singing time activity in your Primary room?

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