I’ll Walk With You Spiritual Video

I’m so happy that I’ll Walk With You is part of the song list for Come Follow Me New Testament this year! I love the inclusive message that this song teaches. Help your primary children understand the importance of loving others with this I’ll Walk With You Spiritual Video spiritual connections lesson.

I'll Walk With You Spiritual Video - use a spiritual video in primary to help teach the message of this song with additional ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

I’ll Walk With You Spiritual Video

I have seen a lot of primary music leaders ask questions about how to include children with disabilities in singing time. I love seeing these questions because it shows an earnest desire to show Christlike love to all those who are around us.

I’ll Walk With You is a beautiful song that teaches us to show our love for those who may often feel excluded. As you teach this sweet song in primary this month, consider sharing one or two of these videos to introduce or review this song.

I'll Walk With You Spiritual Video - use a spiritual video in primary to help teach the message of this song with additional ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Using videos in primary can be a great way to help your primary kids relate to the song and start to internalize the message. For this activity, start by exploring the Inspirational Messages page on the Church’s website.

I’ve included 3 videos below about accepting and including individuals with disabilities. These videos were so inspiring! I hope you take some time to watch these videos and prayerfully consider which video to share with your primary children.

Once you have decided which video(s) to share, make sure you have all the right equipment and technology necessary.

At the beginning of primary, start by showing the video. After watching the video, ask the children how they felt while watching the video. You might even have a short discussion about including others.

Then, start teaching I’ll Walk With You one line at a time. Check out our flipchart for this song to help you teach it!

Video #1: Charity: An Example of the Believers

This sweet video is about a girl with muscular dystrophy who was given the opportunity to be on the cheer team at her school. I love seeing how the girls rallied around her and supported her in her desire to be a cheerleader.

This video is almost 5 minutes long and can be a way to invite the spirit into the room as you prepare to teach this song.

Video #2: Wheelz: Overcoming is Possible

I was so inspired by this video about “Wheelz” Fotheringham, who is a famous motorcross athlete! I really enjoyed hearing his story about overcoming his struggles and becoming a professional athlete in spite of having a disability.

Video #3: Two Purposes: Accepting and Including People With Disabilities

I love this video because it provides us with concrete examples of how to support and include those with disabilities in our wards and communities. This video is pretty short, with a total run time of about 3 minutes.

Stand for the Right Video Story - spiritual connections singing time idea with 4 video stories for LDS Primary Music Leaders teaching Come Follow Me New Testament.

For another way to use videos in primary, check out this Stand for the Right Video Story!

4 Additional Videos:

I’ve included 4 additional videos below that you might choose to use as you teach this song in primary!

I’ll Walk With You – Monica Scott Music

I love this version of I’ll Walk With You by Monica Scott Music! This beautiful arrangement is sung by two young girls and includes cello! Such a beautiful version! You could share this video after one of the spiritual videos and have the kids sing along if they are familiar with the song already.

I’ll Walk With You ASL Tutorial

This sweet video is a great way to incorporate inclusion along with teaching this song! Follow along with the signs to teach this song with ASL!

I’ll Walk With You LDS Primary Sing Along

I love a good sing along! The sing along versions of primary songs are great because they are a low-stress way for the kids to practice a new song. Since they get to sing along with the track, it’s a little bit less scary!

You can review with this sing along version while the song is still new to your primary kids. You could also split the class into smaller groups and have them sing a section of the song with the track.

I’ll Walk With You Mormon Guitar

This I’ll Walk With You Mormon Guitar instrumental version is so pretty! The message shared by the artist in the description box is so sweet. This groovy version of the song is a great listen and can be a great addition to your singing time lesson!

Extension Activities:

  • Share some inspirational quotes from church leaders about how to support those with disabilities. This June 2020 Ensign article shares several powerful quotes that can be shared in primary.
  • Try reviewing with this karaoke version of I’ll Walk With You! See how well your primary children know the song by using a karaoke track! Have them follow along with the words. Be ready to sing with them in case they lose their place!
  • Share the Love One Another Song Story to complement the lesson. This story is about a girl who chooses to sit with a child in a wheelchair and make a new friend.

Head over to this I’ll Walk With You Mixed Instruments activity to review this song in primary!

I'll Walk With You Spiritual Video Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Ill Walk with You Mixed Instruments1 2

Which one of these spiritual videos will you be sharing in singing time?

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