Keep the Commandments – Sway and Freeze

One fun game I have planned for this month while teaching Keep the Commandments is a child-led Sway and Freeze game! Since the song, Keep the Commandments, is all about following the commandments we’ll play up that theme with putting a leader in charge!

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Keep the Commandments
Sway and Freeze

How to Play Sway and Freeze:

  • Take turns having children lead Keep the Commandments and deciding when to “freeze”.
    • With a large Primary, you can divide the Primary into groups and have one leader for each group. That might look like a helper for each side of the room, or one per class, or even make small groups and spread out around the room and have everyone take a turn!
  • Everyone will sway with the rhythm of the song slowly rocking left and right in their spot.
  • When the leader freezes (stops moving completely), everyone else will do their best to stop as soon as they notice the leader has stopped. They’ll hold in whatever position they were in trying not to move again until the leader once again starts swaying.
  • You can alternatively simply sway for one line and freeze for the next alternating lines if your group needs a little more structure.

Sway and Freeze Alternate and Extension Ideas:

  • Have everyone walk slowly in a circle together around the room and play “Walk and Freeze” instead.
  • In small groups of 4-6 children, have them form a circle. One child will start swaying while everyone else is still. As soon as they stop, the next child moving around the circle will start swaying while everyone else remains still. Keep taking turns with just one child at a time swaying with the rhythm until everyone has had a turn.
  • Switch it up with a different action. Maybe sit and stand, jumping jacks, or dabs and claps. Let the kids help you pick which actions to do next!
  • Silently sing in your head for all the “freeze” parts of the song, then pick up singing where you left off in the music when the leader starts swaying again.
His FREEZE pose!! hahaha

What other fun ways could you extend this Sway and Freeze game?

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  1. Fun ideas. Thank you. Question. On the sway and freeze, does the music stop when we freeze? Do we quit singing and then start again when music starts


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