Kindness Begins With Me Spiritual Message

Kindness Begins With Me is on the list for September in the Old Testament Singing Time List. I’m so glad this song is on the docket this year! Even though it’s a very short song, it teaches such an important lesson.

For a simple way to introduce the Spirit as you teach a new song this month, try this Kindness Begins With Me Spiritual Message lesson. This spiritual connection activity is a great way to start off this song in primary!

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Kindness Begins With Me Spiritual Message Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Kindness Begins With Me Spiritual Message

I have been loving the way the Church’s website organizes its media! It is so easy to find a short message that covers nearly any gospel topic! It was not hard at all to find a sweet video on kindness.

When looking for videos to share in primary, I typically look for videos that are shorter to keep their attention. Today I want to share some of my favorite videos on kindness that I found within the church’s media library!

Kindness Begins With Me Spiritual Message

I really enjoyed searching through the gospel media library to find some videos to share for this activity. For this lesson, you may be able to borrow a television from your ward library. If you have a small primary, you could also bring in an IPad or laptop.

Almost all of these videos are less than 5 minutes in length. That way, you may be able to combine and share more than one video! Then, start teaching Kindness Begins With Me!

Take a glance at each one of these videos and then choose your favorites! Here’s my list of spiritual videos to share for this activity!

1. The Coat: A Story of Charity

I just love this sweet video! This 2 minute video shares a story about Heber J. Grant’s experience as young child offering service to another child. In the story, Heber J. Grant chose to give his homemade winter coat to a child in need.

2. Bullied: Let Us Be Kind

This short video perfectly teaches the lesson of “Kindness Begins With Me.” After being bullied, a child chooses to be kind to the person who bullied them. By choosing to be kind and forgive, the child was able to be Christlike and make a new friend.

3. Mormon Message: Pass It On

After being challenged by President Thomas S. Monson to find unique ways to serve, this video shares what many children did to obey the Prophet’s counsel. From dropping off goodies to babysitting for free, these children share an example of being kind to others and giving freely.

4. The Goal: A Story of Faith, Friendship, and Forgiveness

This story is the longest of the videos I found, but I think the 7 minutes are definitely worth it! In this video, two boys engage in a conflict during a soccer game. The children must be willing to forgive one another and offer friendship.

Activity Instructions:

  1. Choose an inspirational message from the church’s website. I typically go for shorter videos, but there are some great longer ones too.
  2. Before primary, borrow a television from your building library or bring in a laptop or IPad.
  3. At the beginning of singing time, share the video and invite the children to notice how the children in the story chose to be kind.
  4. After the video, teach the words to Kindness Begins With Me (lyrics here).
  5. You may choose to share the video again and have the children think about the words to the song. Alternatively, you might choose to share a new video.
  6. Share your testimony about the importance of being kind to others.

*Bonus: You can pair this Draw the Kindness Begins with Me song activity in with this video activity for a fun way to teach the lyrics!

Kindness Begins With Me Sing Along Music Videos

Since the song is very short, you may want to share an additional video for this lesson. If you prefer to share a music video instead of a spiritual message, I found some beautiful sing-along versions of this song.

Here are just two music videos you may choose to share for this activity:

Kindness Begins With Me Sing-Along

After teaching the words to the song, have the children sing with this sweet Kindness Begins With Me SingAlong video.

Kindness Begins With Me Video Sing Along

I want to share this sing-along video as well because it actually helps you keep track by pointing to each word, one at a time. This is great for kids who are just learning the song for the first time. This video also has some pictures that are just so sweet!

Once you’re ready to start learning the song, check out our flipchart here!

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What spiritual message will you be sharing in primary?

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