I Know My Father Lives – Color Puzzles

This fun singing time lesson plan will take you back to your childhood days! We’ll practice and review I Know My Father Lives using this fun Color Puzzles activity!

The kids will work to fill in the colored sections of two keyword puzzles until they reveal a hidden shape in each picture.

I Know My Father Lives - Color Puzzle

I Know My Father Lives
Color Puzzles

How to Play the Color Puzzles Game:

  • Post the color puzzle pictures. Tell the kids the pictures represent two keywords from the song, I Know My Father Lives. Sing together the song.
  • Call up 5 kids to help you color in some of the picture. Give them each one of the colored crayons, markers, or colored pencils. (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, and Blue). Let them color in sections with their colored dot for about 30-seconds on either of the two pictures.
  • Sing the song again, looking for participants while you sing! Repeat coloring and singing until you can clearly guess the two keywords.

Color Puzzles Key:

The color puzzles are:

  • Heart – “and loves me too”
    • All the red dots. There are approximately 32 red dots. The rest of the colored dots are just fillers.
  • Sound Volume Symbol – “Spirit whispers this to me”
    • All the Blue dots. There are approximately 34 blue dots. The rest of the colored dots are just fillers.

Color Puzzles Extension Ideas:

  • When the coloring activity is finished, let the children sing only the keyword phrases, silently singing the other words of the song. Then switch – silently sing the keyword phrases.  
  • Have the children color in the activity while you sing, instead. Either up on the board or individual or as a class. Then, they can show you their progress before you start singing again.
  • Challenge one side of the room to color and figure out one of the posters while the other side works on the 2nd picture. The kids love a challenge and a race! See which side can fill in their picture first and/or solve the keyword (shape and phrase of the song).

Printable Color Puzzles for
I Know My Father Lives

This printable lesson plan for I Know My Father Lives Color Puzzles is 3-pages long. With an instructions page that you can easily store in your Singing Time Binder to refer to during singing time.

Plus, there are two keyword hidden shape puzzles to color! I highly recommend printing out the two puzzle pages on cardstock, when possible, if posting up on the front board.

Alternatively, you could print the puzzles and pass them out to small groups, classes, or even individually and just use regular printer paper in that instance.

Click here —> to Print I Know My Father Lives Color Puzzles

Share your additional ideas for extending or adding to this lesson plan in the comments!

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    • I used Word and made an outer box, then just used different shapes and the line tool that you can drag to make swiggles. Then I used a solid circle filled in and scaled it down to make it dot size. Made copies of that shape and recolored as needed. It was a lot of work, actually. I might be easier to make one on paper and then scan it to make copies. 🙂


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