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As a music therapy student, I always try to bring some fun instruments to primary if I can! My primary kiddos love using instruments, and handbells are definitely one of their favorites! I try to bring in handbells at least once a year, and this month, I’ll be using them to teach Love One Another Handbells Chart and activity!

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Teaching Love One Another Hand Bells Chart - printable lesson plan makes it a cinch to learn this beautiful song for LDS Primary Music Leaders in Singing Time.

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I inherited a set of handbells from the previous singing time leader in my ward, and I was pretty overwhelmed at first! I was so excited to use the bells but I knew it would take a lot of work to make bell charts for every song!

I started with posters and mapped out every pitch of the song and coordinated those pitches to the bell colors. Long story short, it took me HOURS to create a beautiful, functional poster for my handbells. What was I to do?

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Did you know that Merry Bells has a huge collection of hand bell charts for tons of Primary songs and hymns? (You can see the entire list in this post of Primary + Christmas Bell Charts here).

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Drumroll please…

Janel shared with me these printable instant handbell note cards. Let me tell you, these charts have saved me loads of time prepping for primary! They are worth EVERY penny! What I love most about these cards is that they include each pitch that you’ll need and can be manipulated for any song!

Love One Another Handbells Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Hand Bells Music Note Cards

If you are more of a traditional poster-style primary chorister looking for ways to save some time, I cannot recommend these handbell note cards enough!

The Handbell Music cards are also available in our Etsy shop, if that’s a more convenient checkout option. There are only a couple of things we have as for-purchase files on this site, so thank you for supporting a small business!

Teach Love One Another Handbells

*Downloads are available at the bottom of the post following the lesson plan directions included within this post.*

For this activity, I’ve decided not to have a hand bell note for every pitch of the song, but instead will be using handbells on the main notes of the piece.

To prep for this activity, start by choosing the notes you want to use bells for. If you need a starting place, use the hymn book as a guide to help you decide.

The easiest way to do this is to print out a copy of Love One Another and highlight the notes that fall on a downbeat. You can also add in a few other notes that you want to emphasize.

Teach Love One Another Hand Bells Chart LDS Singing Time

Once you have decided which notes you want to use handbells on, it’s time to put together a chart so that the kids know when to play their bells! You’ll need to know which bells correlate with what notes, so you might need to do some planning here! If you have a difficult time reading music, no worries! I’ll do the work for you here!

Activity Instructions:

  1. Begin to teach Love One Another using the Love One Another flipchart.
  2. After your primary kids start to feel comfortable with the words to the song, bring out the bells.
  3. Pass out the bells, reminding children to keep their bell on their knee on top of the palm of their hand if it’s not their turn to play.
  4. Give the kids a chance to try out their bells by doing one color at a time.
  5. Display the bell chart and begin teaching the bell pattern. Try the pattern a few times through without singing.
  6. When you feel comfortable with the bells, add in some singing! Encourage the children to sing the song and play their bells when it is their turn.
Teach Love One Another Hand Bells Chart LDS Singing Time

Love One Another Handbells Extension Ideas:

  • Have children trade bell colors after each verse. This is a fun way to add variety and keep them on their toes!
  • Split the primary into 3-4 groups. Make sure each group has at least one of every color on the bell chart. Have each group take turns “performing” the song with their bells.
  • Have the children hum instead of sing when they play their bells! When a bell falls on a word, have the children hum the word.
my heavenly father loves me hand bells

For another fun handbells music chart, head over to this My Heavenly Father Loves Me Handbells singing time idea!

Love One Another Hand Bells
Demonstration Video

Check out this Love One Another Hand Bells demo video to watch me play all 5 hand bells used in this song! In this demo video, I go through the pattern for this song and share some of my best tips for using hand bells in primary! Just grab the link below!

–> Love One Another Hand Bells Demonstration Video <–

How to Teach Love One Another Handbells Printable Bell Chart

To make this activity much easier for you, I’ve created a printable Love One Another Hand bells chart. The bell chart covers the main notes of Love One Another. If you are planning on using bells for multiple songs, I recommend also checking out the Handbell note cards in our shop!

Hand Bell Music Note Cards

Keep in mind that although there is a standard for bell colors, your set might not be exactly the same. For this reason, I’ve created two versions of the bell chart. The first chart uses the standard handbell colors, and the second version is blank. If your bell set has different colors, simply color in the colors you need!

Teach Love One Another Hand Bells Chart LDS Singing Time
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For another fun way to review Love One Another, check out this Love One Another Printable Song Story idea!

Cropped Love One Another 1-page printable song story lesson plan for singing time

Do your primary kiddos love using handbells in singing time? Let us know how they enjoyed this activity!

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