Love One Another Magic Crayon

For a fun way to review Love One Another this month, I’ll be tapping in to the creative imaginations of kids with this Love One Another Magic Crayon activity! With little to no prep, this visual activity is a great way to keep kiddos engaged while reviewing this hymn!

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Love One Another Magic Crayon full page printable cards with actions for singing time

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Primary kiddos have the best imaginations! When they get to use their creativity, they are likely to remember what they are learning. That’s why I love this Magic Crayon activity!

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Some of my go-to supplies in primary are my pointers. I inherited these miscellaneous pointers from the previous singing time leader in my ward and I LOVE them (I have a full post that includes these pointers here!). Any of these pointers would be such a fun addition to this activity!

Primary Singing Time Music Pointers for leading music

Love One Another Magic Crayon

*Downloads are available at the bottom of the post following the lesson plan directions included within this post.*

The idea for this activity is pretty simple and requires hardly any prep. For this activity, invite children to imagine that they are holding a magic crayon in their hand. Put some prepared shapes on the board, such as a flower or heart. While singing, have them draw these shapes in the air with their magic crayon.

For this activity, I recommend choosing simple shapes or objects for your primary kiddos to draw. Some examples of shapes you could include are:

  • Flower
  • Heart
  • Circle above head
  • Hands
  • Star
  • Smiley face
Love One Another Magic Crayon full page printable cards with actions for singing time

I have a simple drawing for each of these objects included in the printable lesson plan at the end of this post. Once you have your shapes drawn out, use a magnet or tape to put them up on the board one at a time. You might choose to have all the shapes on the board and allow one child to choose which shape to draw.

After you choose a shape, invite the children to put their magic crayon in the air and draw the shape while you sing! Kids will likely finish their drawing before you finish singing the song, so invite them to repeat their drawing!

Love One Another Magic Crayon all six singing time actions cut out

Activity Instructions:

  1. Create 4-5 simple shapes out of paper or from pictures online.
  2. At the beginning of primary, display the shapes and allow children to choose one image at a time to draw.
  3. Ask the children to imagine that they have a magic crayon in their hand. You could have them start by putting one hand in the air.
  4. Begin singing Love One Another (Love One Another flipchart here!) and invite the children to draw the chosen shape in the air with their magic crayon.
  5. After singing the song through once, choose a new shape to draw!

Adaptation: Follow the Leader

For this fun adaptation of Love One Another Magic Crayon, choose a child to be the leader of the group. This child gets to pick a shape and help the class draw it. Think of this as an imaginary drawing lesson! The kids will love it! After they teach their drawing to the class, they get to pick a leader to lead during the next verse of the song!

Another fun way to play the “Follow the Leader” adaption is to have the leader choose a shape from a jar and keep it a secret. While singing, the leader can then draw the shape and have the rest of the primary guess what shape they are drawing!

Love One Another Magic Crayon 4 singing time actions cut out

Extension Ideas:

  • Split the room in 2-3 groups. Give each group a shape to draw. Have each group take turns singing a verse of the song while drawing their shape in the air.
  • If you have a small primary, you could let each child pick a pointer to use as their crayon.
  • Write different shapes on piece of paper and place the folded papers in a jar. Have each child pick a shape out of the jar. This way, everyone will be drawing something different during the song!
  • Teachers Draw! Invite teachers to draw a shape for their class, and have the class guess the shape while they sing!
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Love One Another Magic Crayon
Printable Lesson Plan

This one-page printable includes a guide to the 5 different magic crayon shapes I’ve come up with for this activity! You can print it out to put up on the board or to help you remember the sequence.

Love One Another Magic Crayon cropped image with 4 of the motions for singing time
Love One Another Magic Crayon Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders INSTANT Primary Singing Extended Printables

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Love One Another line matching 2-page printables with marker

What shapes will you be using in this activity? Let us know in the comments!

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