New Testament September Primary Songs

This month is JAM PACKED full of awesome content you’re going to love! It includes all 3 song picks for September plus helps for preparing your Primary Program with ease. I think it’s the biggest packet yet! With newly updated helps for A Child’s Prayer you’ll want to grab even if you downloaded A Child’s Prayer earlier this year.

New Testament September Singing Time Ideas

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Each month your INSTANT Primary Singing membership includes more than 25 singing time ideas with coordinating printables with ideas for all 3 of the suggested monthly songs plus holiday or seasonal ideas!

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  • Printable Lesson Plan for each activity
  • Extended printables available in the membership
  • Monthly Singing time plan & quick reference sheet

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This Month’s INSTANT Primary Singing
New Testament September

September focus includes:

New Testament September Singing Time Ideas

Master List of this month’s printables:

  • September Song Reference
  • Monthly Singing Time Ideas Overview Reference Sheet for easy planning
  • Monthly pre-filled in and Editable Planning sheet
  • (8) When We’re Helping Singing Time Ideas & Flip Charts
  • (8) A Child’s Prayer Singing Time Ideas & Flip Charts
  • (8) I Know That My Redeemer Lives Singing Time Ideas & Flip Charts
  • (2) Primary Program Program Review Ideas
  • Plus a bonus Primary Program Script!

Exclusive Printables:

  • Singing Time Lesson Plan in the Printables!
  • When We’re Helping
    • Ways I Can Help – Full page
    • Pick a Picture – 2 extra cards and full page pictures
    • Dance Scarves – 2nd verse, full page cards
    • Dropped Pictures – Larger pictures, keyword only
    • Act it Out – Page of graphics per part
    • Paper Plates – 1/2 and full page cards, 2nd verse
    • Action Words – Full page
  • A Child’s Prayer
    • Egg Shakers – 1/6 and Full page egg shaker cards
    • Cupid’s Shuffle – 2-page pattern poster
    • Simple Actions – 2nd verse
    • Song Lyrics Trivia – Larger format, 2nd verse
    • Picture Puzzle – 1-page puzzles, 2nd verse
    • Team Band – 1/2 page and full page pattern cards
    • Dropped Pictures – 2nd verse
  • I Know That My Redeemer Lives
    • Pipe Chimes – Additional verses
    • Dance Scarves – 1/4 and full page cards, additional verses
    • Lyrics Order – Color, Envelope challenge, additional verses
    • Color Code – 1-page and additional verses
    • Say + Sing – 4 Corners and additional verses
    • Maori Sticks – 1-page and full page action cards and additional verses
    • Foreign Language – Full page language cards
    • What’s in the Bag – Graphics cards 1/8, 1/4, and full page
  • Primary Program Helps
    • Program Script – Expanded with prompts and scriptures for all songs and a teacher page to fill in the prompts by class
    • Focus on the Savior – Blank photo cards to add your own song titles and 1/2 page pictures.
    • Blown Out of the Water – Colorful fish set in 3 sizes

That’s 26 singing time ideas, 12 flip chart options, and over 600 pages of awesome content you’re going to love!!

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  • Colorful and Black & White Flip charts (custom art style is not included)
  • 1-sheet overview of all monthly singing time ideas for FAST planning
  • Filled in week-by-week singing time plan for the month
  • Song suggestions from the Come Follow Me manual for easy reference
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I’ve had so much fun preparing this month’s printables!

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