When I Am Baptized – Comic Strip

This activity is one your Senior Boys will be able to get behind, but also works great for all the rest of the kids in Primary! Let the kids help draw a Comic Strip of When I Am Baptized Primary song.

There is a big comic strip you can put up in the front of the room and a individual (or class) sized comic strip where they can draw the whole verse.

When I Am Baptized Comic Strip - a fun singing time game and lesson plan for LDS Primary choristers / music leaders! #PrimarySinging #LDS #Primary #SingingTime

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When I Am Baptized
Comic Strip

I’m always trying to think up ideas to engage the boys in Primary and make an activity that is interesting to them.

So, when I recently bought a how to make a comic strip book for my 11 year old – the idea came to make a Comic Strip activity for Primary!

I had so much fun making this single page comic strip that covers the whole verse. I think the Primary boys are going to love this activity!

Having 4 boys myself – I recruited the help of my 9 and 11 year old boys to test out the comic strips and they had a lot of fun coming up with drawings for each box.

You can see my 9 year old drew, “all my wrongs are washed away” as x’s floating down a river! And then the earth in a bathtub! I love the creativity!!

You can pass out one comic strip per class (or one of each verse per class) or give each child their own paper that they can color and take home.

I personally will be printing one for everyone in the Senior Primary. You can use your ward printer to print copies, if needed.

Sing through the song while they color their comic strips. You’ll probably get through the whole song about 3 times.

Then, you can have the kids stand up during the verse they colored and sing only their verse. Next, switch and do the other verse.

Finally, challenge them to sing only the other verse (the one they didn’t color) – without any helps!

Click here —> to Download When I Am Baptized Comic Strip by Verse

Comic Strip by Line

For Junior Primary, you can use the line-by-line comic strip where each phrase of the song is a full page and big text. This will let you give one of the 7 pages for each verse to one group of kids.

You could do both verses and make groups of 2-4 kids – depending on how many kids you have in Primary.

After the kids have finished a picture for their part, you can have them help you arrange them in order on the white board and display all their drawings while you sing through the song!

Click here —> to Download When I Am Baptized Comic Strip by Line

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