4 When He Comes Again Egg Shaker Patterns

I love bringing egg shakers into primary! I get them out a few times a year, and the kids just love it! This living music activity is a great way to add some rhythm and fun to singing time!

You will love these 4 When He Comes Again Egg Shaker Patterns! These fun patterns are simple, easy to follow, and manageable for both Junior and Senior primary children! Have some fun with these patterns as you review When He Comes Again in singing time this year!

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4 When He Comes Again egg shaker patterns fun and easy singing time idea for LDS Primary music leaders!

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Using Egg Shakers in Primary:

We love egg shakers here at Primary Singing! If you’re looking for a fun way to incorporate instruments in singing time without all the hassle of bringing in large instruments, egg shakers are the way to go!

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Egg shakers can be a great way to practice a difficult rhythm in a primary song, or just to add some fun reviewing! If you are unfamiliar with using egg shakers in primary, check out this cute video demonstrating egg shaker beat patterns!

Another resource I highly recommend is our Egg Shaker Beat Rhythm Cards Set in our digital shop! These cards have been a lifesaver for me on multiple occasions! This set comes with 30 different patterns you can use with egg shakers. If you are a song leader looking to add to your primary toolbox, you’ll definitely want to add these!

Egg Shaker Rhythm Cards

4 When He Comes Again Egg Shaker Patterns

Here are 4 different egg shaker patterns to use with When He Comes Again! These patterns are all pretty simple, and can be great for Junior and Senior primary! You can use one, some, or all of these patterns as you review When He Comes Again lyrics!

1. Choose a few “Key Words” in the Song

Choose a few words that come up in the song a few times. You can have the kids help you with this! Some examples might be “Wonder,” “again,” “He.” Write these key words on the board. Shake your egg shaker when you sing these words!

2. Shake on Every Syllable

For this pattern, shake your egg shaker on every syllable for the song. This pattern is a little bit faster and requires you to pay attention to where the syllables fall. In the example below, each slash line indicates a new syllable.

Example: I / Won / der / when / He / comes / a / gain / Will / her / ald / an / gels / sing

4 When He Comes Again egg shaker patterns fun and easy singing time idea for LDS Primary music leaders!

3. Shake on every OTHER Word

This pattern can get a little tricky! Shake your egg shaker on every other word you sing in the song. To teach this pattern, you might write a phrase on the board and cross out every other word. Only shake on the words that aren’t crossed out. Once they’ve seen it once or twice, they should be able to follow you!

Example: I Wonder When He Comes Again (Only shake on the words “I,” “When,” “Comes”

4. Freestyle

I would try this pattern after you’ve tried all the other egg shaker patterns. Let the kids use their imaginations and shake their egg shakers in their own creative way! You might notice a child’s pattern and invite them to teach it to the class!

4 When He Comes Again egg shaker patterns fun and easy singing time idea for LDS Primary music leaders!

How to Play:

  1. At the beginning of primary, start by reviewing the first verse of When He Comes Again.
  2. Pass out egg shakers to each teacher and have them pass the shakers to the children in their class.
  3. Teach the children one of the egg shaker patterns and have them try the pattern with you.
  4. Then add music! Start singing When He Comes Again and add in the egg shakers. You may want to take the tempo slower the first time you try it with the shakers.
  5. Try a new pattern when you feel like the kids are getting the hang of the first one. Demonstrate the pattern, then add in music.
  6. Continue reviewing the song and have some fun with the egg shakers!
4 When He Comes Again egg shaker patterns fun and easy singing time idea for LDS Primary music leaders!

Extension Ideas:

  • Come up with your own patterns to use with the egg shakers! See what the kids come up with and try out some fun patterns while you sing!
  • Have a mini talent show! Have each class form a group and create their own egg shaker pattern. Have each class perform their pattern while singing the song and award cute prizes (Ex. “Most rhythmic Pattern” or “Loudest Shakers”).
  • Use our Egg Shaker Pattern Cards to have 30 more options for egg shaker patterns to use with this song!
Gethsemane Egg Shakers patterns

Find more fun egg shaker patterns in this Gethsemane Egg Shakers post!

When He Comes Again Egg Shakers Printable Lesson Plan

I create this When He Come Again Egg Shakers Printable Lesson Plan to help you as your prepare for this fun activity! On the first page of this printable, I’ve included instructions for the activity, as well as 3 additional ways to play.

The second page of the printable outlines each of the 4 egg shakers patterns for this song! I’ve even written out a short explanation for each pattern in case you need a reminder!

I created some simple posters that includes each of the 4 patterns written on one page. Use these as “Mini-posters” to put up on the board while you demonstrate the patterns! Just print out these posters and use them as you teach these simple egg shaker patterns!

4 When He Comes Again egg shaker patterns fun and easy singing time idea for LDS Primary music leaders!

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Which of these egg shaker patterns is your favorite?

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