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Challenge the Primary kids with this deep dive into the words in this When He Comes Again Eraser Pass singing time idea! It’s easy to print out and play with all the step by step directions for an activity that helps you talk about the deep meaning of this Primary song!

Use this When He Comes Again Eraser Pass Singing Time idea to help you teach this LDS Primary Song in a fun and unique way! Printable for Primary Music Leaders.

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When He Comes Again Eraser Pass

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This eraser pass game is a fun way to dive deeper into the meaning of some of the words! Let the kids help you pick the correct word and talk about any words they don’t yet understand to deepen their experience with the Primary song When He Comes Again.

How to Play:

*You can grab the free lesson plan at the bottom of this post!

Sing through When He Comes Again first before you introduce the activity. You can grab the When He Comes Again flip chart to help!

Post the posters for one of the verses. Stick to either the 1st or 2nd verse. You can always do the other verse on a different week, if it goes over well.

Explain to the children that you need their help to find the right word. We’re going to cross off the WRONG words so we only have the correct ones left at the end. Tell them to watch for the keywords in the song to see if they can find the correct ones.

When He Comes Again Singing Time Idea - Eraser Pass printable lesson plan words crossed out

Sing through the song, then have 3 volunteers come up to mark off one incorrect word choice. Ask them their word, to avoid crossing off the wrong one, or just watch them and be ready to correct if they need assistance.

I love using a King Size Sharpie for this!! It makes big thick blackout lines that are so fun! I use my king size sharpies for everything!!

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It’s also okay to let them make the mistake – and sing through it again after the mistake and say I think we made a mistake here, who can help put the right word back on our list for this row? Or let the kids call out the mistake in Senior Primary they will notice.

Continue singing through the song and marking off all the incorrect words until there is only 1 word left in each row.

When He Comes Again Singing Time Idea - Eraser Pass printable lesson plan

Adaptions for Junior Primary:

Print the simplified options for Junior Primary. Work on the eraser pass together as a group. When you get to one of the words, pause and point to the row. Ask the children which one of the words does NOT belong. Then, read the 3-word choices.

Ask them which 1 word they want to cross off. Mark off one word and continue through the song, pausing and marking off words as you go. You don’t have to stop at every word. Pause at 3-4 words per time you sing through the song. This will extend the game, and help the song not feel so choppy.

Extension Activities:

  • Have the kids sing LOUDLY the colored correct words when you’ve finished sorting them out.
  • Sing only the word selections, skip singing any other words. Now switch and don’t sing the keywords.
  • Come with a simple action to use every time one of the keywords below comes up, such as fist in palm.
When He Comes Again Singing Time Idea - Eraser Pass printable lesson plan

Correct Words Key:
Verse 1: Wonder, Herald, Sing, White, Snow, Spring, Star, Daylight, Songbirds, Call, Knee, Said, Days, Suffer
Verse 2: Comes, Ready, Look, Loving, Prayer, Will, Light, Others, Seek, Greater, Divine, Blessed, Little, Stay

Simplified Word Key:
Verse 1: Wonder, Sing, Snow, Spring, Star, Songbirds, Call, Days
Verse 2: Comes, Loving, Light, Seek, Divine, Blessed, Little, Stay

Wonder when he comes again scratch and match game

Don’t stop at just this lesson plan (printable below). Head over next to see our really creative and fun When He Comes Again Scratch & Match game!

When He Comes Again
Eraser Pass Lesson Plan

With our printable lesson plan (download link below) you’ll be able to easily implement this fun singing time ideas easily! The printable includes a quick overview on how to play plus adaptions for Junior Primary. It also includes fun extension activities and a key with the correct word choices.

Then, you’ll choose and print from the 2 included verses in full or simplified from the 6 pages of eraser pass options to choose from! That makes it easy to work on whatever verse you are currently teaching and to adapt the lesson to a younger or older group of kids.

When He Comes Again Singing Time Idea - Eraser Pass printable lesson plan

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Have you tried an Eraser Pass game before? What did your Primary kids like best about this activity?

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