Follow the Prophet – License Plates

If you are teaching Follow the Prophet (archives) this year as part of your 2026 Old Testament Primary Songs picks, you’ll absolutely love this Follow the Prophet License Plates Singing Time lesson plan!

It starts as a creative singing time using logic and word learning styles. Then, adapt it to include visual or a competition. We’ve included it all below, with a printable lesson plan, so it’s easy to implement!

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An easy way to teach Follow the Prophet License Plates Singing Time ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders! Grab these printable plates and 3 ways to play activity

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Follow the Prophet
Personalized License Plates

This darling game adds the fun of solving a code, involving a lot of kids in Primary, and throw in some visual interest too with the extension activities for a well rounded singing time activity!

How to Play:

Pick out a license plate and ask the children to help you decode it. Take some early guesses, then say let’s sing through the verse to see if we are right! Sing through the verse, then take more guess, if they didn’t decode it.

Follow the Prophet singing time ideas - Personalized License Plates game

Talk for just about :30 seconds on what that prophet teaches us and their unique scripture story.

You might even pick out a scripture verse to have ready, and read it aloud or have one of the children read it! What a great way to tie in the scriptures!

Pick a new verse and personalized license plate. Continue singing through as many verses as you’d like to include.

3 More Ways to Use
Follow the Prophet License Plates

Dice Roll: Bring 2 dice and a small dish (to keep them from rolling off the table) or 2 large foam dice!

Have a child roll two 6-sided dice to pick a verse to sing.

Follow the Prophet singing time ideas - Personalized License Plates game played with 2 dice

With 2 dice, you can roll 2-12. So, simply keep the verses in order and push Adam to a #11 and have #12 be a roller’s choice!

If you roll a number you’ve already completed, just have the next helper come up and roll again until you’ve reached a unique number! It’s a great way to get lots of helpers involved!

Color In: Let the kids color and customize the prophet licenses plates!

Color in a background that matches their story or add some of the keywords to their license plate. They can also add additional details like a registration tag, slogan, and state – just for fun!

Follow the Prophet singing time ideas - Personalized License Plates game - Color in the plates!

You could make this a continual addition to your Primary bulletin board as you learn about the different Old Testament prophets throughout the year! Just add a new prophet once a month (or following the Come, Follow Me schedule).

Prophet Match: Post a picture of the different prophets included within Follow the Prophet. You can find them in the LDS Gospel Art library online or in your ward library.

Follow the Prophet singing time ideas - Personalized License Plates game - Prophet Match

After decoding, find the prophet’s picture that matches and give them their personalized license plate!

Follow the Prophet singing time ideas - Personalized License Plates game printable lesson plan

License Plates Included:

  • ADM1-EDN; Adam – 1st prophet, Eden
  • ENCH-xSIN: Enoch – No sin
  • NOAH-RPNT: Noah, Taught repentance
  • ABE-12TRB: Abraham, Had 12 tribes
  • MO-WLD40: Moses, wilderness for 40 years
  • SAML-SRVE: Samuel, willing to serve
  • JONH-LSTN: Jonah, learned to listen
  • DANL-LION: Daniel, Lion’s Den
  • LSTN2PRHT: Listen to Latter-day Prophets
  • NLS-DRHRT: President Nelson, Doctor of the Heart

Follow the Prophet Licenses Plates Singing Time Lesson Plan

This free printable for this post includes a 1-page printable with the personalized plates for the first two prophets!

Follow the Prophet singing time ideas - Personalized License Plates game printable lesson plan
Follow the Prophet - License Plates Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders INSTANT Primary Singing Extended Printables

You’ll find additional printable lesson helps including licenses plates for the rest of the verses, 6 per page print size, full page license plates, and a version with symbols added for you included in the INSTANT Primary Singing membership when Follow the Prophet is the featured song of the month!

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Learn more about the roots of how this song came to be with this fun series of the Story Behind Follow the Prophet and Sing Along videos!

Follow the Prophet Story & Sing Videos - Learn the story behind the making of the LDS Primary children's songbook song Follow the Prophet from composer Duane E. Hiatt and the testimonies of his family members with these sweet videos that share some lessons learned from each of the Old Testament prophets and a sing-along video of the song verse.

What other fun ways could you use these Follow the Prophet License Plates?

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