Dance Scarves Movement Cards

24 different dance scarves movement action cards! Free printable resource for Primary music leaders, homeschoolers, and preschool teachers.

Dance Scarves are one of my favorite manipulatives to bring into Primary as they bring purposeful movement and have such a wide range of actions you can do with them! Make sure you refer to my earlier post with 32 …

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Ribbon Wand Action Cards

Printable ribbon wand action cards for singing time and music activities! Or great for movement break from learning! Created for LDS Primary Music Leaders and families to correlate with my free lesson plans!

We have so much fun using Ribbon Wands! I’ve shared a few different lesson plans with Ribbon wands on this blog, which I’ll link below, but today it’s all about helping you to create your own sequences and patterns or …

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Baptism – Rhythm Partners

This past week, we had fun getting everyone up and working together with a partner while they practice either the simple or challenge rhythm patterns with a partner while singing the Baptism song. I’ve included three different patterns here, so …

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Baptism – Finger Drawing

My choice song for February is Baptism, which I started introducing in my January lesson plans! I'm excited to be doing a different baptism song, after back-to-back years of teaching When I Am Baptized. I love that other song, but I'm really ready for a change! This is a great song, too, so I'm excited to share this beautiful song with the kids. I easily came up with 8 different and unique lesson plans using my Song Planner Worksheet that will last me for the whole year! Pop over to grab that free printable, it's a crucial resource! Grab the flip chart for Baptism to help in leading this song and for your teachers and visitors! 8 Singing Time Ideas for Baptism 1. Baptism – Body Rhythm Try out this simple Baptism Body Rhythm pattern to add in movement and repetition easily! This no-prep activity will work just as well for any of the verse of the Baptism song. Once you've tried the basic pattern, let your kids help you adapt the pattern and come up with a new challenge! 2. Baptism –Rebus Try a fun word puzzle with the Baptism song lyrics to help teach the words and build in lots of repetition. I've created a free printable version for the first verse, but this could be extended to future verses, too. You can challenge the older kids or use the posters to help teach the lyrics. Grab our Baptism Rebus activity. 3. Baptism – Silent Video OR Special Arrangement Introduce the Baptism Song with a Special Arrangement! This can be a meaningful way to help the kids connect with the song or even touch their hearts with the spirit of the song. Another way to approach this activity is using the Bible Videos to present a silent video. 4. Baptism – Drumming the Beat Have fun with the rhythm of the song with this easy and fun Baptism drumming activity! You don't have to bring in an actual drum, instead you can use a hymn book, table, even the back of the chairs or their laps as they drum along with you.  5. Baptism – Line Match Game Fill in the song with this simple Baptism line matching game! You'll post questions on one side of the whiteboard and pictures to match on the other side of the board, scrambled. Let the kids use a whiteboard marker to find the right match! 6. Baptism – Finger Drawing Set up an imaginary canvas and let the kids help you "draw" the scene of the Baptism Song with this finger drawing activity! You'll use simple actions to draw your way through the song. I've included ideas for the first and second verse and extension activities, too. 7. Baptism – Body Rhythm Partners - 1 hand up / 1 hand down – clap with partner - 1 hand down / 1 hand up – clap with partner - Clap both hands across to partner - Flip hands backwards and clap “flap” - Clap/Flap 8. Baptism – Picture the River - Water - Plants - Birds - Clean!! (Fresh laundry) What other ideas do you have for teaching Baptism? Share them in the comments to add to this resource!

We are going to have so much fun with the Baptism song with all these easy and fun ideas I’ve been sharing this week, be sure to check out all the others, too. Another fun idea I’ll be using in …

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Baptism – Body Rhythm Pattern

LDS Baptism Song - Body Rhythm Pattern Singing Time activity and lesson plan for Primary Music Leaders. Also, a fun activity for LDS families home study of Come, Follow Me.

Get up and get moving with the Baptism song! I’ll be teaching Baptism using this Body Rhythm pattern. It’s simple but purposeful as it gets the kids up and moving and feeling the rhythm of the song with it’s slow …

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12 Purposeful Movement Activities for Singing Time

Kids need and thrive on movement! In this post, I’m sharing 12 different ways you can incorporate purposeful movement into your singing time lesson plans! From dance moves and yoga to using ribbon wands or plastic cups, there’s lots of …

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Search, Ponder and Pray – Action Words

Search Ponder and Pray Action Words simple no-prep activity for LDS Primary Music Leaders Singing Time!

Use purposeful movement to help the kids learn the words in this Search, Ponder and Pray action words activity! It’s a super easy, no-prep activity. You can print out the corresponding lesson plan below, or simply head into Primary and …

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Choose the Right Way – Missing Words

Use this activity to introduce Choose the Right Way or as a meaningful review activity. It hits on a variety of learning styles while being engaging and fun! I'll be using this activity during the 2nd week of January, two other easy activities. See my full Singing Time lesson plan for January here! Choose the Right Way Missing Words How to Play: - Post the Missing Words signs. - Sing through Choose the Right Way, asking the kids to pay attention to the chart to see if they can find the missing word(s). You can use first option for Junior with just a single missing word, or do the slightly harder version for both Junior and Senior Primary. - When they’ve discovered the key and found all the missing words, have the kids sing ONLY the missing words. Then sing ONLY the written words, skipping all the symbols. - Add a different action for each of the missing words, such as: Right: Patsch Way: Snap Happy: Double Clap (one for each syllable) Choose: Stomp (Double stomp for “choosing”) Key: _ _ _ _ _ = RIGHT > > > = WAY * * * * * = HAPPY ++++++ = Choosing/Choose Choose the Right Way Missing Words Lesson Plan This Choose the Right Missing Words lesson is a fun and engaging activity that really drives home the keywords of the song! It uses logical conclusions and words as they puzzle through the initial activity. Then, transform the activity into a meaningful movement activity with simple actions as you sing through the song. Click here ---> to Print Choose the Right Way Missing Word Lesson - A fun no-prep movement lesson plan for LDS Primary Music Leaders! Correlates with the Come, Follow Me Curriculum.

Use this activity to introduce Choose the Right Way or as a meaningful review activity. It hits on a variety of learning styles while being engaging and fun! I’ll be using this activity during the 2nd week of January, two …

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Come, Follow Me – Ribbon Wands

Come Follow Me Ribbon Wands

Once you’ve learned this fun song, let the children experience the melody and music in this engaging way! The slower melody of this song is perfect for introducing ribbon wands to help feel the song as you dance along with …

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