Away in a Manger – Gifts of Christmas

With Christmas quickly approaching, children are eager to rip open beautifully packaged boxes and bags to see what’s inside. This Away in a Manger – Gifts of Christmas activity is a great way to allow children to use their sense …

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Baptism – Picture the River

Baptism Song - Picture the River lesson plan and activity for Primary Singing Time music leaders and for home Come, Follow Me study for LDS families!

Visualization is such a great way for the kids to really relate to the story of Jesus’ baptism! This Baptism Picture the River activity and lesson plan will encourage the children to try to put themselves there by the river …

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7 Nature and Senses Activities for Singing Time

7 Nature and Senses Activities - Ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders for Singing Time! Easy to adapt to any song.

Incorporating nature and our senses activities might not be the most obvious choice. However, it can be a really powerful tool for bringing real life meaning to the songs and helping them be easier to relate to. Today, I’ll share …

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Choose the Right Way – Warning Sounds

This activity will have the kids eagerly listening and attentive as you draw their attention to a variety of sounds and engage one of there senses. Then, tie it all in with a meaningful connection to the song, Choose the …

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Come, Follow Me – Hands & Feet

This lesson plan will encourage a connection with nature and their senses and they feel and touch things that relate with the songs. By connecting with their senses, it helps to bring the song alive and adds meaning to the …

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When I Am Baptized – Nature Symbols

When I Am Baptized Nature symbolism lesson plan for Primary Singing Time choristers / music leaders!

One way I’ll be teaching When I Am Baptized is by bringing in some symbols from nature (and from the song lyrics) to show and explain how the first and 2nd verses of this song tie together. We’ll use these …

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