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I’ve already picked out my Father’s Day song for this year (In My Father’s Hands) but I really liked this song, too, and thought I’d make up a flip chart for those who are teaching I See a Hero Flip Chart this year! This will also help me remember and have this song on the top of my mind for next year!!

Grab the I See a Hero Flip Chart in 3 versions for this Father's Day Primary Song plus lyrics! Great resource for LDS Primary Music Leaders teaching this song.

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I See a Hero Flip Chart

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I had a request recently to add all this year’s main program songs and I’m working just as quick as I can to help out this sister (and everyone else!) In the meantime, you can check out the Primary Songs Flip Chart list to see all of the Flip Charts I have currently made to see if your song of choice is available!

In My Father's Hands Flip Chart

I did already made a Flip Chart for In My Father’s Hands, if you want another awesome Father’s day song flip chart in your resource file!

I also recommend checking out my tips and tricks and how I use flip charts if you’re new to the calling (or could just use some pointers!) What other tricks have you used to make flip charts more effective in Primary?

I See a Hero Lyrics

Verse 1:
Did you dream you’d be a hero someday
Who would grow up and change the world some way?
Well, the world you changed is mine, it’s true,
And I wish you could see who I see in you.

I see a hero. I see a light.
Living by faith, every day by my side.
I see a hero. I see a star.
Showing the way just by being who you are.
Best of all I see who I hope to be – a hero like you are to me.

Verse 2:
Every truth you teach, the prayers that you say
They will never be lost or fade away.
All the hours you spend just being my friend
Are heroic and brave in every way.

I See a Hero Singing Time Flip Chart Printable

I See a Hero - Flip Chart

This colorful I See a Hero flip chart highlights the keywords and shows beautiful lifestyle pictures of dads with their children. It’s 6-pages long with 2 pages for each verse and 2 pages for the chorus.

I See a Hero - Flip Chart

The little extra ending is included (in parentheses) at the end of the second verse to help remind everyone that it comes after the chorus!

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I See a Hero Primary Program
Flip Chart Printable

The program version of the I See a Hero Flip Chart is a simple black and white landscape version with just the words. It can be useful for posting the words in the Primary room or during the presentation of the song.

Especially if you’re like me, and like to use hand actions throughout the song — just have the words out for those that need them to see and keep your hands free!

I See a Hero - Flip Chart

This is a 3-page printable with a page for each verse and one page for the chorus.

Have any feedback about my I See a Hero flip chart? Let me know in the comments!

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