40+ Father’s Day Primary Songs

We’re on to the next holiday, and here I’ve compiled a big huge list of 40 Father’s Day Primary songs you can teach in Singing Time!

Father’s day is such a fun occasion to spoil the men in the ward. It’s not as sensitive of a holiday as Mother’s Day, though of course there are still some in the ward who will have a harder time with the holiday than other.

I love how many of these Primary Songs for Father’s Day are light hearted, fun, and even silly that are perfect for so many dads that have that fun playful bond with kids.

Father’s day is always celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June. In 2022, Father’s Day will be on June 19th. In 2023 Father’s Day falls on June 18th.

With those dates in mind, you’ll want to start practicing for a Father’s day song in early-May (or right after you finish your Mother’s Day Primary songs!)

10 Favorite Father’s Day Primary Songs

For those looking for an easier way to pick your Father’s Day song this year, I thought I’d share my favorite 10 Primary Songs for Father’s Day (in order). Of course, these are my personal pick and your list and order will likely be different than mine.

I usually go really low key and don’t pick a super difficult song for Father’s day, so my list does somewhat reflect that. If you ask me, you can’t go wrong with the classic Daddy’s Homecoming! You also might think it’s strange to see Grandmother on the list but we’ve done this one for Father’s day (with a word substitution) and I loved it!!

40 Favorite Father's Day Primary Songs with a massive list of LDS songs from the children's songbook, hymn book, and more!
  1. In My Father’s Hands
  2. I Am a Child of God
  3. Daddy’s Homecoming
  4. I See a Hero
  5. Love is Spoken Here
  6. Grandmother
  7. The Dearest Names
  8. The Family is of God
  9. Father’s Day Medley (by Tara Blumer)
  10. My Dad

*The links above will take you to my archives for each song with singing time ideas and flip charts!

All 40 Father’s Day Primary Songs

Below, you can browse the entire list of all the Father’s Day songs for Primary that I’ve been able to find. If you have others to add to the list, please add them to the comments so others can use them as well!

The songs here are grouped in categories to help you more easily find a song by what you’re hoping to convey. Then, they’re listed in song order so you can flip through the songbook to check out the lyrics!

Extensive list with more than 40 of the best Father's Day Primary Songs including music from the Children's Songbook, hymn book, and more great for Singing Time

Father’s Day Song – I Love My Dad:

My Father Teaches Me:

Family Love:

Fun Primary Songs for Father’s Day:

  • A Happy Family #198a
  • When We’re Helping #198b
  • Oh, What Do You Do in the Summertime? #245 (Substitute “in the summertime” with the words “with your father dear”)
  • Here We Are Together #261 (There’s Father, and Mother, and Sister, and Brother…)
  • Do As I’m Doing #276 (Building a deck, washing a car, mowing the lawn…)

Father’s Day Hymns:

  • For the Beauty of the Earth #92
  • O My Father #292
  • Love at Home Hymn #294
  • O Love That Glorifies the Son #295
  • Our Father, by Whose Name #296
  • Home Can Be a Heaven on Earth #298

Other Father’s Day Songs from the Church Website:

You’ll find a somewhat random assortment below from the Church’s website. The first half or so on this list would work great in Primary! Others are more geared towards a choir, but you might be able to adapt them.

*All links are to the sheet music on the Church’s website.

Father’s Day Primary Songs by LDS Composers:

There are some really beautiful Father’s Day songs that you might also want to consider written by faithful LDS members.

*You will need Bishopric and Primary President approval and may need to purchase sheet music to use any of these songs.

Printable Father’s Day Song List

As a helpful reference, you can bookmark or pin this post to easily find it year after year. I’ve also created a 2-page printable Father’s Day Song list that will be helpful to keep in your Singing Time Binder. For easy reference to all the links, and yearly updates with new songs, this post may still be your best go-to resource.

40+ Father's Day Primary Songs Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders Fathers Day Singing Time Ideas Printable

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For another fun list of seasonal songs, see our list with 70+ Primary Songs for Summer!

More than 70 fun song picks for Summer, 4th of July, and Pioneer Day LDS Primary Songs and Hymns to use in any of your singing time lesson plans!

What other Father’s Day songs have I missed? What song are you teaching this year for Father’s Day?

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