6 Singing Time Ideas for In My Father’s Hands

We have been having so much fun singing In My Father’s Hands during our Primary Singing Time this year. It’s my song pick for Father’s Day and it’s been so well received by the kids, they’ve loved the song!

It’s not one included in the Children’s Songbook, but is available from Blake Gillette Music, if you want to snag your own copy. Of course, it is a song you’ll need to get permission from your bishop to teach and perform since it’s not in the songbook or published in the Friend magazine.

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Here’s the different activities and games I used to teach and review In My Father’s Hand this year for Father’s Day!

Plus, don’t forget to grab the free flip chart for In My Father’s Hands.

6 Singing Time Ideas for
In My Father’s Hands

1. In My Father’s Hands – Echo Singing

In My Father's Hands Echo Singing

Have the children echo along with you as they learn the words and melody for the first time! Plus, lots of fun extension activities to add fun variety to echo singing!

2. In My Father’s Hands – Hand Pictures

In My Father's Hands -- Hand Keyword Pictures

Make a bold impact with these Hand Pictures keyword cards to learn, review, and practice In My Father’s Hands! These bold cards can also be used in place of a flip chart!

3. In My Father’s Hands – Missing Words Match

In My Father's Hands - Word Match

Try this twist on a fill-in-the-blank with this fun Missing Words match game for In My Father’s Hands. With several variations for how to play, you’ll be able to engage the kids while reviewing or learning this great song!

4. In My Father’s Hands – Picture Word Match

In My Father's Hands - Picture Match

Here’s an option for younger Primary groups, play a mix-and-match game with pictures! You can print only pictures or have the children pick a work strip, and then read it aloud and have them find the matching picture!

5. In My Father’s Hands – Hand Actions

In My Father's Hands - Action Hands

Have fun learning the words to In My Father’s Hands with these meaningful action hands!! You’ll add one simple action to each line or phrase to help the children remember what comes next!

6. In My Father’s Hands – Dance Scarves

In My Father's Hands - Dance Scarves

If you have enough time for another activity, or just simply want to get the kids moving, you can review In My Father’s Hands using Dance Scarves! I’ve picked out a series of movements for each verse that coordinate with the song!

What other fun ways are you teaching In My Father’s Hands?

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