Father’s Day Letter to Dad

Father's Day Letter to Dad singing time idea - use this homemade printable card to write letters to dad during primary for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Your primary kids will love making these homemade cards for their dads in singing time! Use this Father’s Day Letter to Dad activity for a simple way to incorporate Father’s Day in primary! This post includes a foldable card that … Read now

Daddy’s Homecoming Memory Pictures

Daddy's Homecoming Memory Pictures- singing time idea to see how many pictures the primary children can remember with printable song helps for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Test your memory with this fun Daddy’s Homecoming Memory Pictures visual activity! For this activity, bring in pictures that represent different words to the well-loved Father’s Day Song, Daddy’s Homecoming! During primary, reveal the pictures for 1 minute, then turn … Read now

I See a Hero Name the Hero

I See a Hero Name the Hero - Father's Day singing time idea with printable song helps with different types of heroes for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

How many different kinds of heroes can you think of? Your primary children will love learning about different types of heroes with this I See a Hero Name the Hero singing time idea! For this Father’s Day activity, give clues … Read now

23+ Father’s Day Singing Time Ideas

23+ Father's Day Singing Time Ideas Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders sq Fathers Day Singing Time Ideas 1

Will you be teaching a Father’s Day song (or traditional Primary song to sing for Father’s Day) this year? To help you have a wonderful time teaching whatever song you’ve picked to teach this year, you’ll love all these fun … Read now

Daddy’s Homecoming Silly Verse

Daddy's Homecoming Silly Verse! Change the lyrics to this Father's Day song with these silly verses with 4 free printable verses for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Your primary kids will just adore this Daddy’s Homecoming Silly Verse singing time activity! We have 4 different silly verses for you to sing that will have you and your primary kids laughing! I had so much fun writing these … Read now

My Dad Spot the Difference Pictures

My Dad Spot the Difference singing time idea! Use this fun way to teach this LDS Primary song for Father's Day! You'll show a picture while you sing the verse, then flip it to the alternate picture with one small change and see if the kids can spot the difference! Printable activity for Primary music leaders.

If you’re looking for a cute and spunky song Father’s Day Songs for Primary Children to teach this year, you’re going to love this fun alternative to the classic Daddy’s Homecoming: My Dad. It’s upbeat and fun and easy to … Read now

The Dearest Names Melody Map

My Dad Melody Map singing time idea! Follow along with the notes and symbols that represent the words in this fun lesson plan! Unscramble the melody chart or just crack what each symbol represents from the lyrics. Printable song helps for LDS Primary music leaders to help teach this song.

Your Primary kiddos are going to be so excited to learn this LDS Mother’s Day song with this fun and engaging The Dearest Names Melody Map activity! It shows each of the notes in a visual way and with a … Read now

My Dad Flip Chart & Lyrics

My Dad Flip Chart beautiful custom art that will help you teach this LDS Primary song! Color and Black and White flipchart for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Your Primary children will love teaching this super cute My Dad song! With this My Dad Flip Chart you’ll be able to easily display the words even if you only have a week or two to introduce this song! For … Read now

Father’s Day Name That Dad!

Father's Day Name That Dad game with questions for primary children to guess the dad. Singing time helps for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

I’m so excited to try this Father’s Day Name that Dad game in singing time this year! Use this game show themed primary activity and have the primary children use clues the guess that dad! This activity works great with … Read now

Dad’s Toolbox Father’s Day Cards

Father's Day Dad's Toolbox fun singing time game to review ANY Father's Day primary song pick! You'll pick out a tool to add to the toolbox and use a fun way to sing included! A no-fuss easy prep lesson plan for LDS Primary Music Leaders.

Are you looking for a SUPER fun activity that can be used to review any Father’s Day Primary Songs you have picked to teach this year? You’ll absolutely love this Dad’s Toolbox Father’s Day cards lesson plan! Use it with … Read now

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