In My Father’s Hands Dance Scarves

For a fun way to review In My Father’s Hands, you could act out the song with dance scarves!

This is just one of the fun ways we’ve introduce for teaching In My Father’s Hands Dance Scarves. My Primary kids have really loved this song and have picked it up really quickly!! I’m excited to sing it for Father’s day this year.

Teach In My Father's Hands Dance Scarves actions for a fun movement Singing Time ideas for LDS Primary Music Leaders teaching this Father's Day song.

In My Father’s Hands Dance Scarves

How to Use Dance Scarves:

  • Draw, post, or demonstrate the scarf actions for the song.
  • Have the children sing through the song once while they mirror you doing the actions before passing out the scarves.
  • Pass out a set of dance scarves to the teachers and let them help you pass them out to the children. Let them get their wiggles out with the dance scarves before the music begins.
  • Have the children follow along with the actions while you sing through the song two more times.
  • Then, ask for volunteers to come up front and show you the actions they’ve learned and “lead” the actions! I just let everyone who would like to come up front come, usually it’s 90% of the kids up front! In a large Primary, you can have them come up front to lead by class or by side of the room.
In My Father's Hands - Dance Scarves

Extension Ideas:

  • Have the children help you come up with scarf actions.
  • Let the children pick a partner and pass the scarf back and forth and do every other action! Or every other verse if that’s easier for your group.  

Dance Scarves Movement Cards

Dance Scarves Movement Cards

Head over to shop our Dance Scarves Movement Cards to add a fun variety of easy actions to use during Singing Time! This makes it easy to use dance scarves for ANY song!

You can also head to this post to get lots more help on how to use Dance Scarves in Primary!

dance scarves for music leaders

I use dance scarves all the time they’re SO much fun to bring into your Primary! Pick up a set of Dance Scarves from Amazon here. Plus, to help you easily come up with your own Dance Scarves movement patterns, head over to grab my Dance Scarves Movement Cards.

Dance Scarf Actions for In My Father’s Hands

First Verse:

  • Firm and steady – Ball scarf up in one hand
  • Hold me – Lay scarf over one arm (The Waiter)
  • Leap free – Ball up and toss (Toss and Catch)
  • Catch me – Catch dance scarf (Toss and Catch)
  • Safe – Swing scarf over one shoulder (Over the Shoulder)
  • Strength – Hold both corners and spin, twisting it up like a bandana (Bandana Twist)
  • Father’s hands – Switch scarf back and forth between both hands (Switch Hands)
In My Father's Hands - Dance Scarves

Second Verse:

  • Soft and humble – Pull the scarf slowly near the floor (Lazy River)
  • Stumble – Float scarf to the floor (Float to the Floor)
  • Struggle – Pull scarf up and down in high arches (Roller Coaster)
  • Troubles – Hold in one hand and wave back and forth (Wave Hello)
  • Loved – Hold two corners, and shake the scarf (The Wave)
  • Gentle touch – Pull the scarf through one hand (Sleight of Hand)
  • Father’s Hands – Switch scarf back and forth between both hands (Switch Hands)

Third Verse:

  • True and worthy – Hold scarf at both corners, and out to one side (For Sale Sign)
  • Power to bless me – Hold the scarf blocking your face (The Veil)
  • Full of faith – Raise scarf up high and then back down (Paintbrush)
  • Blessing – Lay scarf on your head (The Hat)
  • God’s love – Start with the scarf low to the ground and slowly raise it up to your chest level (Open the Window)
  • From above – Raise scarf high above your head (Parachute)
  • He’s real – Wiggle the scarf in front of you (Wiggle Worm)
  • Will is revealed – Hold in one hand and spin the scarf in a circle (Spinning Clock)
  • Father’s hands – Switch scarf back and forth between both hands (Switch Hands)

In My Father’s Hands Dance Scarves Actions Video Demonstration

You can watch me demonstrate the dance scarf actions for this song! While brainstorming ideas for this song, this activity was a no-brainer for me.

However, since I only have one more week left for review, I most likely will not be using this song in my Primary. (We’re doing the In My Father’s Hands Picture Word Match this week!)

Because of that, I haven’t spent ANY time practicing the actions, but I’m happy to show them to you quickly so you can get a better idea of what they mean. 🙂

If the video doesn’t load, you can always access it on my YouTube Primary Song Playlist here!

In My Father’s Hands Dance Scarves Cards

I’ve also created these series of Dance Scarves movement cards available in my digital shop! The set includes 24 different ideas for fun actions to do using dance scarves and in both a full page and 1/4 page size to fit your needs.

In My Father's Hands - Dance Scarves

It’s also available in a set of music cards! Plus, if you’re an email subscriber you can find a 15% off coupon code at the bottom of each weekly email!

You can easily follow along with the pattern included in this post using the printable cards!

In My Father's Hands Dance Scarves Singing time ideas for Primary Music Leaders In My Fathers Hands Singing Time Ideas 1

Head over here to see 6 different In My Father’s Hands Singing Time Ideas!

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  1. Hello, my name is Maria Abade, I serve with April Swte Ward Primary music leader, Salvador Norte Stake. I congratulate you on the wonderful work of the brothers. Since listening to your songs I was amazed, they are truly wonderful!
    They are all beautiful and inspiring. Congratulations! This year we will present Father’s Day the music In the hands of my father, the children loved.
    Continue this beautiful and edifying mission, may God bless you always!
    Sincerely . Maria Abbot


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