The Holy Ghost – Finger Lights

My Primary kids are always SO excited to get to use finger lights! The majority of the kids are glued to me as they try to follow along with whatever I’m doing which makes this a great way to teach a new song — especially if you add any meaningful actions!

The Holy Ghost
Finger Lights

How to Play:

Sing The Holy Ghost one time through.

Ask the children a question or two about light, such as: Have you ever turned on a flashlight in the middle of the day? What do you notice about the light? How is it different than when you turn on a flashlight in the dark? 

 Turn on a finger light. Ask them to notice how bright the light is. Then have a child flip off the lights. Isn’t that amazing how much brighter the light is when it’s in the dark?

Sing together The Holy Ghost.

Explain to the children how the Holy Ghost was sent to us to guide us. But sometimes, when we’re so busy and distracted, it can be hard to notice the Holy Ghost just like it is harder to notice a flashlight or this finger light with the lights on.

Hang out finger lights and have the children sing along with you to The Holy Ghost.

Bear a simple testimony of how the Holy Ghost can help the children in their lives.

The Holy Ghost Finger Lights Singing Time

Extension Activities:

  • Have the children “flash” the finger lights by sliding them on and off with the toggle switch while you sing. This will create a fun firefly like affect while you sing!
  • Draw the song with the finger using the finger light! Draw simple symbols like an earth, an arrow for “send”, heart for “comfort”, etc.

Finger Lights Actions
for The Holy Ghost

For fun, and to help demonstrate my picture in the printable lesson plan, I’m sharing a quick video with some possible actions you could do to “draw” the song The Holy Ghost with your finger lights!

If for any reason the video above doesn’t load, you can also check out the video over on my YouTube Primary Singing Time Ideas playlist here!

The Holy Ghost
Finger Lights Lesson Plan

Grab this printable 2-page The Holy Ghost Finger Lights lesson plan to have a ready-to-go idea for your upcoming singing time!

The Holy Ghost Finger Lights Singing Time

It includes an instructions page with extension ideas and sample actions for the “draw” the song idea using finger lights!

Click here —> to Print The Holy Ghost Finger Lights Lesson Plan

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