The Holy Ghost – Hand Pattern

I’ve been waiting to do this fun rhythm hand pattern I created for The Holy Ghost for months and months now! I know my Primary kids will love this one.

It’s simple but still really fun and fits the rhythm of the song really well. Plus, I have some fun extension ideas up my sleeve to help mix it up after they’ve mastered the pattern!

The Holy Ghost
Hand Pattern

How to Play:

Sing through the song one time before you introduce the pattern.

In Junior Primary, demonstrate the pattern. Then have the children follow along before adding the piano. Sing along the words as you slowly demonstrate the repeating pattern.

In Senior Primary, ask the kids to watch you do the pattern, and join in when they can. Just jump right in doing the pattern with the song one time through.

After the first time through with the pattern, review what the pattern is, so those that may not have picked up the sequence can join you next time. Sing through the song again.

Have helpers come up front to lead the pattern. You can do this by class, side of the room, or just call on a few kids that were singing well to come up front. I usually just let anyone who wants to come up as our Primary isn’t that big.

Hand Pattern for
The Holy Ghost


How the pattern works:

  • Patsch on your lap twice in a row.
  • Clap twice in a row.
  • Tap each hand on the closest shoulder, twice.
  • Clap twice in a row.
  • Then, start over from the top repeating laps, claps, taps, claps.

Pattern Sequence with the Lyrics:

  • Lead with “When” starting your pattern on the first note of the measure, “Christ”.
  • Lap-Lap: Christ was
  • Clap-Clap: on the
  • Tap-Tap: earth
  • Clap-Clap: -th He
  • Lap-Lap: promised
  • Clap-Clap: he would
  • Tap-Tap: send
  • Clap-Clap: -nd the

Extension Ideas/Activities:

  • Eliminate singing the words for when you tap. Then, eliminate the words for when you pat on your lap. Then split the room. One side sing for the laps and one sing for the clap words. (Skip the tap words).
  • Let the kids help you mix up the pattern to make it harder! Replace the taps with a new action. Then add another new action in place of the laps or claps! 
  • One side of the room does the pattern with the other side sings. Then switch!

See The Holy Ghost
Hand Pattern in Action!

If for some reason the video here won’t load, you can pop over to my YouTube playlist for Singing Time ideas! It’s a good one to subscribe to, while you’re there. 🙂

Printable The Holy Ghost
Hand Pattern Lesson Plan

Print out this lesson plan helper to take with you to Primary! That way, you can easily refer to this fun activity, and extension ideas, in case you need to switch things up!

It’s just 2 pages with a Hand Pattern overview for The Holy Ghost. Plus, a printable page you can post up on the board to help the kids that may need written cues to help them follow along! (Those written cues can really help the teachers, too! haha)

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