Love One Another – Foreign Language

How many different ways are there to say “Love?” For a fun challenge to review Love One Another in 7 different languages, try out this Love One Another – Foreign Language review activity!

7 languages might seem like a lot to cram into a singing time lesson. Believe it or not, children are excellent at learning new languages! In fact, they are often quicker at picking up new languages than adults!

Although I don’t know very many languages, I am excited to learn some new words with my primary kiddos through this activity!

Love One Another – Foreign Language

The idea for this activity is pretty simple. Since Love One Another is a fairly short song with only one verse, children will quickly learn the words in one day. This activity is a fun challenge that can remind them how God’s love can be felt all around the world!

For this activity, I’ll start by some research on how to say “love one another” in a variety of different languages. If you have any primary children that speak another language, I would definitely include those languages first.

You might also enlist the help of members of your ward who served a foreign language – speaking mission. This is a great way to get some practice pronouncing the words before primary!

Here is the phrase, “Love One Another” found in 7 different languages:

  • Italian: amarsi l’un l’altro
  • French: aimer l’un l’autre
  • Spanish: amarse unos a otros
  • Romanian: iubim unul pe altul
  • Japanese: Tagaini aishiaimasu
  • American Sign Language: cross both arms in an ‘X’ on the chest. Then make two “thumbs up” and turn one hand upside down, rotating the thumbs.
  • Mandarin Chinese: 彼此相愛 (Bǐcǐ xiāng’ài)

Next, you’ll want to write out those phrases on paper to help remind you! Write the language on the top of each page to remind you which language you are learning!

After writing “Love one another” on the whiteboard in all the languages, have the children try to guess which language each phrase is in. You might also choose to make it a matching activity, with the languages on the side of the board to help as the children guess.

After some practice pronouncing the phrase in a new language, try singing it! You might choose to sing the entire verse, replacing “Love One Another” with your chosen language, or just practice a line at a time!

Activity Instructions:

  1. Begin by reviewing Love One Another (lyrics here!)
  2. After singing the song through once, ask the kids if they’d like a challenge!
  3. Write “Love One Another” in 3-4 different languages on the whiteboard. Write each of the languages on the opposite side of the board in scrambled order.
  4. Invite the children to guess which language each phrase is in.
  5. Learn how to say “Love One Another” in each of the languages. Practice saying each phrase a few times.
  6. Each time you sing through a verse of Love One Another, choose another language! Replace the phrase “Love One Another” with whatever language you choose!

Adaptation for Junior Primary:

If you are worried about how Junior primary kiddos will do with this activity, start simple! Instead of introducing all 7 of the new languages, maybe just choose one to learn as a class! You might show a map of a country where that language is often spoken to help them make a visual connection.

Extension Ideas:

  • Learn the entire song in a different language! You might choose to enlist the help of someone in the ward who served a foreign-speaking mission.
  • Have each class choose one language. Each time the phrase “love one another” is sung in the song, switch the language and have each class sing in their designated language.
  • Cut out only the phrases and have your primary kiddos guess what language matches which phrase!

Love One Another – Foreign Language Printable

To help you prepare for this activity, I made this Love One Another – Foreign Language Printable that includes both a lesson plan with activity instructions and extension ideas, as well as “Love One Another” written in 7 different languages!

If you’d like to hide the name of the language, simply cut off the title of each square so that your primary kids can guess the language! Simply print out this printable to use in primary or download and save it for later!

Love One Another – Foreign Language Printable Lesson Plan

For another fun way to review Love One Another, check out this Love One Another – Matching Game!

Did your primary kiddos love this activity? Let us know in the comments!

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