Away in a Manger – Guess What’s Next

One of my favorite ways to review primary songs is through competition. This Guess What’s Next review game is a great way to review “Away in a Manger.” This activity is best for Senior Primary but can be adapted for …

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Review Game – Stars and Stripes

If you’ll be in town for the 4th, you can have fun with whatever songs you choose in this Stars and Stripes Singing Time review game! The game includes singing, trivia, and challenges for a singing time everyone will love! …

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Review Game – Read My Lips

Read My Lips Singing Time Review Game

I plan to use this fun Read My Lips review game in July to review all of our Primary Program songs we’ve learned. Since we’ve already worked on all of our program songs throughout the year, I plan to make …

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In My Father’s Hands – Picture Word Match

For younger Primary groups or combined primaries, this picture based game will be fun for all ages! In My Father’s Hands Picture Word Match combines a little bit of a traditional match game with a different approach, to add more …

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Keep the Commandments – Foreign Languages

Keep the commandments in foreign languages

My Primary kids LOVE trying different languages. They’re all over the Hello Song and, quite honestly, do a much better job at translation that I even do! It’s really fun to hear their excitement over a different language so I …

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Keep the Commandments – First Letters

Today’s fun and easy no-prep activity will have the kids noticing the differences and similarities in the repeating phrases of Keep the Commandments! It uses just the first letters of each word of the song for a fun, and unique, …

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Tell Me the Stories of Jesus – Eraser Pass

Tell Me the Stories of Jesus Eraser Pass - lesson plan and activity for LDS Primary Singing Time music leaders or a fun game for Primary classrooms and home Come, Follow Me study!

Teach your Primary kids the words to Tell Me the Stories of Jesus with this fun and easy, no-prep, eraser pass game! It will help build it lots of meaningful repetition as the children really cement the words into their …

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Baptism – Rebus

This fun Baptism Rebus activity for the popular LDS song is an easy low-prep activity for Primary Singing Time. Great resource for music leaders and parents!

A rebus is a word puzzle. Usually they are really clever, like this one for another popular Primary song: MIL ONE LION  Do you know what it stands for? One in a Million. Get it? “One” is “in” the middle …

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Search, Ponder and Pray – Crossword Puzzle

This Search, Ponder and Pray crossword puzzle game helps engage both the word and logical learners. You’ll also be seamlessly integrating teaching the lyrics and meaning of the song while teaching it in a fun way! This activity would also …

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