Balloon Bounce Primary Song Review Game

Are you looking for a really fun Primary Song review game? Look no further! This Balloon Bounce singing time idea will be an absolute hit with everyone in your Primary! Who doesn’t love balloons?

This fun activity will bring out the giggles and will have everyone having a blast but will also build in tons of repetition for whatever Primary song you’re working on! Best of all, it will work with any song! You can even mix in a variety of songs.

Balloon bounce game primary song review games

How to Play Balloon Bounce Review Game

If you can think back all those years to when you were a young child – what is the number one thing to do with a balloon? That’s right – play the game to keep it up off the floor!

We’re taking that concept and making a fun review game called Balloon Bounce out of it with this exciting activity to build in lots of singing time repetition to review whatever Primary song you’re working on.

pin the primary song review game fun activity to use with balloon bounce

For another great way to practice a whole mix of Primary songs, head over to check out our Pin the Primary Song review game! It’s a perfect choice to leave with a sub! You could even pair the poster with this balloon game! Pick a colored balloon, then find a matching song with that color on your poster to sing next!

Supplies Needed:

  • Latex Balloons

I just bought a cheap pack of 12 latex balloons at the dollar store! My boys have been playing with them for days straight with no issues!

blowing up balloons for the primary review game balloon bounce

Fill your balloons with your mouth – you don’t want helium in these! You don’t have to fill them all the way full, and definitely don’t over inflate them or you’ll risk popping! I like to fill them so they’re about the size of a small soccer ball, or a little bigger than one of those mini basketballs. This is a great size for little hands!

Store the balloons in a large trash bag and tuck them out of sight, maybe behind the pianist or in the Primary closet so you don’t spoil the surprise!

Bonus Idea: You can also sing through the song while a helper or two “hunt” for the balloons! They’ll search for them, then bring the bag up front while the rest of the Primary sings through the song.

Introducing the Balloon Bounce Game:

Sing through your selected song first before introducing your activity.

Then, tell the children you brought some fun games today that you think they will be absolute pros at! Give them clue to help them guess what you brought. Such as: It’s very colorful. It floats. It’s something at a birthday party. It makes a loud sound when it pops. Etc.

When the kids guess correctly that you have balloons in the Primary room explain the rules FIRST! The balloons will be SO much fun, but they also will have some children popping right out of their seats and getting a little extra excited. There are a few ways you can play, here’s some ideas:

balloon bounce primary song review game using balloons!

5 Fun Ways to Play Balloon Bounce Game

I’m going to share some really fun party games and ways to use lots of balloons. Feel free to adapt the games to younger kids or to older kids to fit your group. Most of these are intended as an indoor game, but can be adapted to be played as an outdoor game as well. A few will work with a large group, but some will be best with just at couple children at a time.

Partner Bounce: Have the children partner up into groups of 2-3. Each group will pass with a light toss (or bounce with the palm of their hand) the balloon to the next player around in a circle. You can follow the melody and try to bounce on each word or try follow the beat bouncing in a rhythmic pattern.

Then, expand and have 2 groups pair up and try it with a larger circle. Keep getting into bigger groups until the Primary is combined and kids of all ages are playing together around one big circle.

bouncing a balloon at home

Team Competition: Have the teachers help pick 2-4 children from their class to go up front to help with the balloon bounce. The competition will be the volunteers versus the Primary! The Primary children will sing through the song while the children try to keep the balloon up off the ground.

If the balloon touches the ground before the song ends, the Primary room scores one point. If the song ends with the partners successfully keeping it afloat the whole song the teams side scores a point!

Room Bounce: Have the children spread out their chairs so there’s a little extra space between them (optional – but helpful). Try to cover the main area of the Primary room with kids in chairs.

The children MUST stay in their chair but can reach out their hands and feet to try to keep the balloon afloat. Start with 1 large balloon and add additional balloons after singing a few times to up the challenge. The first person to drop the balloon can sit out, or just start over with everyone in again – it’s great fun!!

Last Group Standing: Have the children from groups by class or in small groups around 3-6 children. The groups will all be working against each other to see which group can stay in the longest!

If a group drops the ball, have them sit quietly in their chairs (or on the floor if you’ve moved the chairs out of the way) the rest of the song. You can have everyone sing the whole time, or have them join in singing as soon as they are “out” for the round.

*Bonus: If you have an outside Primary activity on a hot summer day, you could play this one with water balloons. Just play until the balloon pops or until one of the team members gets one of their body parts wet from the balloon busting open!

child playing balloon bounce at home

Volleyball: Have the two sides of the room turn their chairs to face each other. This great game will play similar to volleyball. Each side will try to keep the balloon on the OTHER side of the room.

When it’s on your side, you have to sing! This will give a fun popcorn singing affect. If the balloon touches the ground, you can either tap it back in and keep going or have the whole room sing together the rest of the song.

Now, try adding two balloons with different color or different numbers and play the same game but the group just needs to keep their own balloon across the starting line on the other teams side!

Bonus Tip: If you want to work on a variety of different Primary songs, just bring in a variety of colors – one for each song! When they pick a color, you sing the song you’ve associated with the color!

Balloon Bounce Game Primary Song Review

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If you loved this Primary review game, you’ll also love this fun Candy for Courage song review game!

candy for courage review game

What other fun different ways could you use bouncing balloons in Primary to review songs next time?

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